Friday, March 12, 2010

Copy Cat Style: Erin Wasson

I really want to mimic outfit that Erin Wasson wore to fashion Week. I love the mix of the off the shoulder shirt under the vest and the bell bottom. Wow those bell bottoms? SICK! I need a pair Jean bell bottoms and I am pretty sure I am ordering these JBrand baby Bell jeans. I would just do this look with out the hat (or a different hat) and I would probably rock wedges (perhaps my new Ash wedges that I just purchased). And this blue life cocoon stop is a perfect off the shoulder top to complete this look. This look is just genius.

She's amazing!
I can't wait to rock a look like this!


  1. You would look HOT, I'm sure....though it would look pretty cool with Boyfriend style, ripped jeans as well! And the ASH wedges for sure! I can't wait to get a pair, your positive notes about them made them a spring must have for me!

  2. ..I also like her ..her style always are very different from other models ..

  3. So not the most popular loo, but glad you girls like it as well!