Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want of the Week: Retro Bathing Suits

I am hoping one of your wants of the week is the Bow necklace I am giving away.

This week I am loving the retro bathing suits and bikinis that I have been seeing around lately. I love the glamorous vibe of them, and know I would feel so Marilyn Monroe in one of them.
Marilyn Love:
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  1. oooh, these are fab! I would love to see you rock a retro Marilyn look!

  2. ooo, the first one with the pattern is SO super cute.

  3. The last look is WOWZA! Gotta tip your hat to a lady that can make a one-piece look sexy!

  4. I really love the last one, but I'm really not looking forward to strutting my stuff in a bikini.

  5. great picks!!! looks good toHe

    -He approves

  6. love the pics! i need something like this to minimize my tummy!

  7. Love em! My favorite will always be the ones from Juicy Couture, though- their little swim dresses always have a touch of retro, while still being updated, darling, and flattering.

    Like this one:

    Juicy Couture Limoncello Swim Dress

    And this one:

    Juicy Couture Bikini Top + Ruffled Skirt

    *falls over*

  8. Oh those are cute too Chloe!!

    Gla you all love the shapes as well, I wasn;t sure if was something other people would love as well.

  9. I always feel like these retro shaped ones are so sexy - on other people - but I feel like they actually make me MORE conscious of my belly and hips? Anyhow, If I were thin pin I'd love to rock that 2nd leopard print one!

    xx Vivian @