Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How I Shop: Shopbop "Shop Your Style"

I had mentioned several time how much I love the style features on Shopbop.com. Another one of my favorite areas is their shop by style section. When I think about my own personal style I tend not to categorize it too much. I'm sure to someone else looking at my outfits could better categorize my style but I try not to put myself in one fashion slot. I like being able to wear something preppy one day, bohemian hippie the next and then something with an edgy or rocker vibe and then super girl the next. So although I love this feature organized style feature I am unsure of which style I am , in fact items from my wish list are in every category, but that just the way I like it.
For instance I love these Joie shoes in the bohemian category, and I previously blogged about wanting this Free People tank also in the section.
The fact the We the Free Ebb and Flow cardigan is the Causal Chic Category may solidly my spot there.
All the Blazers (like this Adam one) and strappy sandals draw me to the classic style. Those are things I wear often.
The Torn Shoulder dress, Haute Hippe Vest and Helmut Lang Cardigan in the Down town section are all right up my ally.
While the Rebecca Taylor dress and all the Joie Blouse (like this one and this one) in the girly section have been on my wishlist for awhile now.
Well I guess it is nice I don't have to choose =)
Looking at this picture I would say I am a casual chic, and at times, Downtown. Maybe my weekday and weekend looks?
What Style category would you be??


  1. ohh fun post!.. I'm def a cross between casual chic and classic (but with more denim and less skirts) :)

    You are a style chameleon! I would never say you belong in just one bucket...

  2. Boo i think blogger ate my comment (sorry if this a dup)... I said...

    Oh fun post!... I'm def a cross between casual chic and classic (but with more denim and less skirts) :)

    You are a style chameleon! I would never say you belong in just one category...

  3. I don't think anyone should belong in one category. I find myself liking items from each "style" but most of what I buy comes from both the Classic and Girly sections.

  4. I am a cross category like you. Some Classic, some boho, and such.

  5. I'm across a few categories like Taylor. A touch of classic and mostly casual chic with a hint of boho.

  6. I have been trying to figure out my style since I was a little girl haha. I really don't think I have one ... or any. My bf says I just look like "me."

  7. I'm so with you - I never know what category I'm in!! I've come to think of it as a good thing though - means we can wear a bunch of stuff and pull it off.:) Either way, you always look fabulous!!!

  8. I think I am like you, I fit into every category, depending on my mood! :)

  9. YAY - I thought I was the only one who just wanted a little bit of everything in her closet - now, I just have to get around to wearing it all...


  10. I think I would probably fit best somewhere between girly and classic!

  11. Probably between girlie, classic, and casual chic. I would say I rarely wear anything bohemian or downtown.

  12. I am not sure if I my style fits in a specific category. I think for me it really depends on what I decide to wear on a certain day. But I guess based on Shopbop's feature, I am between classic and casual chic.
    Thanks for the post, it was so fun!

  13. I like to mix and max pieces from all of the different styles. I call it eclectic. :)

  14. just found your blog...love it! oh what feature don't I love of shopbop..I experience a similar problem I tend to like a few things in every category and don't really limit myself. i especially love the heart feature they have now