Monday, March 8, 2010

Look of the Day: Dirty Mouth? Clean it Up!

I am SO glad you are as excited about the Bow Necklace giveaway as I am. I thought you would love it!! And one of you will be lucky to have one for free! Even I had to buy my own =)

I thought the Oscars were very entertaining. I loved Alex Bladwin and Steve Martin, and OMG of course Neil Patrick Harris. I heart him! there were lots of gorgeous dresses, although nothing really blew me away. I felt like a lot of my favorite stars were not there this year. I liked Anna Kendrick's dress but I wasn't a fan of her shoes paired with her dress. I loved Nicole Richie's look because it was different and I thought she stood out, Zoe Saldana also stood out in the crowd. I though Tina Fey finally looked fabulous and Meryl Streep looked amazing! Demi Moore and Rachel Adams were also on my list of dresses that caught my eye. Clearly ruffles and pleats are here to stay for a bit. And lots of poofy dresses, I liked that winners Sandra Bullock and Kathryn Bigelow did not wear poofy dresses.

"I have Voices In my Head but They speak Spanish so I have no idea what they are saying."

l Tosh.
Random but when I say Hurt Locker in my Head it is sounds like how the lady on the Orbit's Gum commercial says "Lint Licker"...Weird I know. Anyways I loved Hurt Locker (Link Licker) it had me yelling and screaming and on the edge of my seat!

I had a mini Oscar party complete with hors d'oeuvres and red {velvet} carpet cupcakes.
Had to post this for the other Andi in my Life ;)
Cupcakes, a cake stand and champagne coupes. I felt oh, so Marie Antoinette!
Prize for Oscar Predictions:
My outfit: I am wearing the necklace I am giving away! And my top is Torn, and is last years version of this top.
And I picked up a few Lauren Conrad pieces at Kohls yesterday. I got this dress, this sequin cardigan, and this blouse.
While shopping at Kohls I earned $20 so I am debating spending it on these boyfriend jeans this moto jacket or this skirt. I have to go back this week before it expires. Decisions, decisions. hehe.

Hope your week started off well! I loved this tweet about Monday's from Joel Madden today:
"Happy Monday everybody. Today is the day you get to decide what kind of week your gonna have!"
I decided I am going to have great week, how about you??


  1. i'm obsessed with that sequin cardy, too! LOVE the look!

  2. Thanks Kristen!! Do you have a blog? The link didn't seem to work for me =(

  3. OMG! Cupcakes... It's only 9:21am here, but that would be a fab breakfast lady haha.

    How'd you do in your Oscar pool?

  4. Wow-Love everything! The champagne and cupcakes look like the most fabulous match, I am craving bubbly now! That's weird. It's 9:30 a.m.
    Love all of those LC pieces, the moto jacket looks really good and I can totally see the skirt on you.
    Thanks for the sweet link too, you are so fun! Apparently Andi's just rock in general?!?! LOL.

  5. Get the jacket!!!! It's fantastic and will work with skirts, jeans, and dresses - you can't go wrong.


  6. im so glad you commented on my blog so I found yours! love it! ah an oscar party is such a cute idea...this was a good year to do it too....I normally don't care too much for award shows but was looking forward to steve martin and alec them. and kathryn bigelow beating james cameron was just the best

    following you now :)

  7. Cuteness! I love the sequin cardigan! And those cupcakes and champagne look so good! I also indulged in a little Korbel champange on Sunday :)

  8. I want to see pictures of the sequin cardigan on!

  9. I always love your blog post headlines! My friend was the orbitz girl for halloween and she ran around imitating this line ALL NIGHT haha.

  10. Cupcakes! I love cupcakes!!!!

    Get the jacket!!! Excellent choice.

  11. ok the jacket..Check!!

    Ok I will definitely post a picture of the sequin cardigan, I LOVE it!

    And thank you LC! I always wonder if anyone even gets half my blog titles or goofiness in them, Can you tell I am a goofball or what?

  12. YES! i do have a blog!

    i had one for a few years and it recently got deleted by accident. :( i have a new one up and running now.

    i recently emailed you (maybe january) about how much i loved your fashion sense. truly a style inspiration!

  13. I'm going to have to try champagne & cupcakes together now! Oh and not to be nitpicky, but isn't it "Lint Licker," not "Link Licker?" :)

  14. LOL! yes! WHOOPS typo! Thank you!