Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Look of the Day: In A Garden. Barefoot Con-dressa

SO clearly we had a fun time soaking up the sun yesterday, eating cake and BBq. It was quite the fabulous picnic, thank you Mom! And I even busted out my ash Lotus wedges! Although my outfit would have looked better with tights, I knew I wanted to be barefoot when we were in the backyard, so I opted for leggings. And I did in fact spend more time barefoot then in my shoes, it was just too darn nice out! It is REALLY starting to feel like spring..finally!

Sustainable gift wrapping:

.i n g r e d i e n t s.
1/2 teaspsoon forever 21 top
3/4 cup ASh lotus wedges
2 tbsp Nordstrom skirt
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This Alexander Wang dress loosely inspired my outfit. I love this dress but I didn't feel the $450 price tag justified enough times I could wear this dress. So instead I attempted to style a similar look.
I'm getting my hair one today! YAY!


  1. So smart! I love that AW dress, but your version definitely has the same feel. I would look ridic is those shoes, but somehow, they look PERFECT on you!!! :)

  2. CUTE! I seriously love those Ash wedges.

  3. Hi I stumbled across your blog and loved reading it! BTW I love your look of the day. I'd wear that in a heartbeat :)

  4. Those wedges are unlike anything I've seen! They look great on you.

  5. Love those wedges! I saw them on shopbop and was veryyy tempted, but it is still only hitting 35 degrees on a good day around here and I would probably hurt myself in those :/.


  6. I love that look, I need to recreate something similar with my chambray shirt, and a fun floral skirt!

  7. I love your re-creation of the outfit. Supes cute and barefoot outside is really the best feeling ever!

  8. Your post title had me cracking up! I love that AW dress, too, and I'm with you, I think the look can be easily replicated for less.

  9. great interpretation of that AW dress! your blog is so fun to read :)

  10. i make sustainable gift wrap bags :] i love the idea that you can reuse, reuse, reuse and they don't take up any space!

  11. LOL Thanks Andi! I don't think they are that crazy but whenI wore them everyone was was like whoa. lol

    Thanks so much Krissy!!

    Thanks Miss K and Cassie!

    Oh my Jammer still 35' degress out! Hope it warms up for you soon!

    O I would love to see if you do Taylor!

    Awe thanks LIyndsy xoxo

    YAY Tien! Another Foot network fan!

    Wow Eboogie thank you so much, that is so sweet of you to say!

    Thanks suzy! You liked it last time I wore it too =)

    Oh wow Jenni I would love to check them out! I totally agree!

  12. those shoes are just incredible!!!

  13. I do love those wedges as well! Don't know that I could pull them off myself, but you rock them! I like your interpretation of the Alexander Wang dress.
    And in response to the Liberty of London comment you left on my blog, so disappointing/annoying that it sold out so quickly. I just checked out ebay and there's a few things on there...
    I wonder if it will be re-stocked in stores?

  14. I'm a big fan of denim shirts right now, but I haven't been able to find one that I want to buy. And I can totally understand putting fashion aside in favor of letting your bare feet soak up some sun. :)

  15. those shoes are terrific! so much going on!

  16. Thank you Rachel!

    I am going back to check duthcbritshlvoe, fingers crossed!!

    Check out the one I got lauren it was like $20. Not bad. bare feet are the best!

    LOl thanks lynn!!

  17. OMG! You broke out the Ash(es) ;) LOVE IT!



  18. Those wedges are the business love, the business!! I was just looking at them the other day somewhere online and debating taking the plunge. Maybe I can get them on a wishlist or something for my birthday. I really like the color you selected them in though...food for thought.

  19. Thanks A.co and QOH's! I can't wait to bust them out more.