Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look of the Day: It's Elementary, My Dear Watson

Yesterday I organized my closet, got dressed for the first time this week, and went out to eat with Casey. It was a good day, after a slow start to the week. Pretty sure Cupid struck me with the strep-throat arrow instead of the love-sick one. Not so bad because it forced me, after much resistance, to finally make the trip to the doctor to get my tonsillectomy on a roll. Not looking forward to it but I'm not interested in spending my summer like last year's. I'll take the trip to Europe and leave the hospital stays. Casey and I ended our day with dinner at five thirty (happy hour) and Jeopardy. We are ready for our condo in Florida now, no retirement needed.

But really, was anyone surprised that Watson won last night? It was cool to see, but the guys had no chance. Watson had complete buzz-in accuracy and obviously no human error, emotion or nervousness. He was funny though - not that he was trying to be. I was happy to see Ken Jennings make a run for it at the end. However, I was surprised Ken didn't wage more at the end; especially after Watson's 'Toronto' final Jeopardy response the previous night. All in all, it was a very cool special to watch.
With the weather rainy and windy (crazy windy!) I went with bright colors for my outfit.
Picture 10
Pink, yellow, blue and sprinkles.
Not the cupcake kind but the spot on my jeans is a rain drop on the camera lens.
It's jacket time.
Picture 4
Kimichi Blue Jacket, White Dress Shop top, Forever 21 sweater, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Deena and Ozzy Boots and Marc by Marc Jacobs purse.
Have a great Thursday!


  1. I love every single color you have going on in this outfit, they work so perfectly together.

    Sorry you haven't been feeling so well!! I hope that tonsillectomy keeps you healthier this year, I remember what an ordeal you had last summer.

  2. I love how your bag pops perfectly against your sweater!!


  3. I hope that the tonsillectomy does the trick and you stay healthy, no more nasty infections! The color of your bag is perfect for Spring!

  4. Loved the title!... What a great color combo, your bag is way too cute!

  5. definitely not surprised watson won...i'm glad all of that money is going to charity!

    glad to see you're feeling better ;)


  6. Love this...and I am still super jealous of your bag :)

  7. i'm so sorry you've not been feeling well. i took a total beat down from the flu for about 7 or8 days. i'm still not 100% and, sadly, i don't think i even dropped a pound. when you get to your condo in florida, plz send up a flag if there's room next door.


  8. Such a fun outfit. Glad I found your blog, you're adorable. :)

  9. Love your jacket AND your purse!! :)

  10. I love the yellow with blue!

  11. Love the colors, it is a reminder that Spring is coming!

    Tonsillectomy recovery is really hard, but I have been strep free (knocks on wood) for 6 years now. Good luck!!