Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reader Request: Gwyneth's Feather Earrings

During the Grammy's reader Jennifer posted on my Facebook page that "Gwyneth Paltrow's feather earrings on the Grammys reminded me of you!". She then suggested I find some affordable options to recreate the look. You Know I loved her look too.

I have to say Gwyneth and Cee Lo were adorable. And how cool is that Glee was the reason behind this pairing? First the SNL and now the Grammy's, Glee is taking over! Cee Lo's get-up was only second to his Darth Vader/Star wars 'Crazy' performance. Other highlights of the night for me were Keith Urban, Nora Jones and Johnny Depp's - oh I mean John Mayer's - rendition of Jolene(one of my all time FAVORITE songs), and the Mumford and Sons performance. I was disappointed that Eminem didn't win more awards, Lady Gaga really let me down, and no one really wowed me with their fits.
But I did love Gwyneth and her hot pink feather earrings at the Grammy's.
GweynthPicnik collage
image from Michael Caulfield/WireImage.com
From the top: La Dama sherbet feather earrings, Light pink Feather earring from Forever 21, and
Long hot pink feather earrings from Etsy
Did you watch the Grammy's. What did you think? If you posted about it please share you link in your comment.


  1. LOVED GWYNETH'S PERFORMANCE! it was my fave...she's the cutest. i also adored her whole look -- what a great post! i'm going to go check out those feather earrings now!


  2. how amazing is gwenyths bod!! i didnt watch the grammys but loving being updated on it all today. x

  3. Great earring finds Amber! I just wrote up a post about this outfit earlier (for tomorrow morning) - I love it. I am linking to your post for additional earring options - you found some great ones!!

  4. I thought she looked fabulous! My post: http://averybleu.blogspot.com/2011/02/stop-grammy-time.html

  5. Sophie- SERIOUSLY!!

    Thank Jen!

    JoAnn-I know she rocked it!!

    Tara aren't they!? They sold out at that place so Iremoved the link =(

    Great post Avery!! I loved all your picks!

  6. I love the pop of color against her black ensemble!


  7. just found you-these earrings are amazing! so super cute!