Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I love: The Academy Awards

Like many of you I spent my Sunday evening oohing and awing over the gorgeous red carpet gowns. Cate in Givenchy, and Mila in Elie Saab were both fresh new {lilac} looks to the Red Carpet in; while Halle Berry and Hailee Steinfeld showed why Marchesa gowns will Red Carpet staples for years to come. And Gwyneth's gowns of the night, out-shined her almost painful performance. However, my favorite look of the night was Michelle Williams. I thought she looked absolutely amazing, and her look was perfect for the Academy Awards. It was so old Hollywood glamour, I just adored it. She is always one of my favorites. My biggest disappointment of the night was there was no gorilla suit wearing Banksy appearance, although his art has been popping up around LA this past week.
My essentials for watching the Oscars: iPhone with my Twitter app open, iPad complete with the Oscar backstage app (loved it!), reading material and Google for any necessary questions.
My favorite look of the night:
I enjoyed watching Anne's looks throughouth the night ( they were much better then her hosting skills). Her fringe dress was my absolute favorite dress - just amazing!
What were your thoughts? Leave a link with your comment if you posted about the Oscars!


  1. Been a long time reader of your blog, but haven't commented before :)

    I agree with you about the Oscar looks! My only wish was that Michelle Williams femme'd it up a bit and added some sexiness to it. Also LOVED Anne Hathaways Oscar de la Renta fringe dress. Check out my Oscar breakdown here!

  2. aahhh I didn't get to watch it! love these photos since I didn't get to see it! :) michelle looks awesome.


  3. Loved all of Anne's dresses last except the last one. I actually thought she did ok with hosting duties while James Franco looked like he regretted taking the job because he had to be so cheesy the whole time. But they're so cute I forgave them!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. i felt like they tried to make the oscars new & fresh and im not sure it really happened. so much of it seemed awkward :/ but i went way crazy on tweets! haha

    btw so sad i missed the blogger meet up! someone hurry up and hold another one!


  5. Your desk looked like my desk! So much fun. Anne annoyed me but I thought she looked great like always.


  6. I thought Franco was such a disappointment! Loved anne's fringe dress and the red/burgundy dress.

    i thought it was sad that anne had to carry the weight of the hosting duties. but i thought everyone who won deserved it...but i'm iffy on melissa leo and i did see the fighter. hmmm

    here's my link to my blog where i did i quick oscars recap.

  7. i super loved mila's dress and michelle was just kinda glowing so i loved her whole look too. james franco in drag? not so much;)

  8. Mila Kunis wore my favorite dress of the night and I also had heart palpitations when Robert Downey Jr and and Jude Law were on screen at the same time, looking so gorgeous... :) I agree that Anne's fringe dress was her best of the night!

  9. I think Mila Kunis was my favorite of the night. However, I loved MIchelle Williams. I wish I could get her haircut, I just adore the look.

  10. Michelle was one of my faves, but Cate Blanchett in Spring 2011 Givenchy Couture was my winner for the evening. Be still, my beating heart! *dies*

  11. Sounds like an amazing way to watch the Oscars! Love your blog!


  12. I liked Anne Hathaway and Michelle too. I did a whole post on the dresses and make-up. Loving the colors!!


  13. Michelle did look great, my picks were Mila, Gwyneth and Jennifer Lawrence. I completely agree on my favorite Anne look being the fringe dress! I posted my picks on my blog here:

  14. That is Definately the way I'm watching next year! I did a post on my favorites too, which included Amy Adams midnight blue number!

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  15. I loved ScarJo's dress the best. Anything in lace is a dream. Michelle Williams is a definite second. She looks fantastic in her short haircut too. I don't know if I would happy or disappointed if JT was Banksy, but I enjoyed the joke very much!

  16. I agree Rosa, She made that hair cut look amazing!

    I agree PursuitOfLLT! I was expecting much more from James!

    We missed you Michelle!!

    Thanks for commenting AND reading AManda!! <3

  17. I loved all of Anne's outfits as well, I thought she looked beautiful!

  18. my thoughts: