Monday, June 27, 2011

Amber's {Blog Event} Notebook: Serenity Now

This weekend I was asked to be VIP blogger* at the Seren-i-Tea Event held in Union Square in San Francisco. Over 250 people registered for the event and I brought 9 VIP guests (not all who I got to meet unfortunately) along for the day. All I can say it was an amazing experience to meditate in Union Sqaure, in the middle of all it's heckedness and mediatate and practice yoga with Stephanie Snyder while hundreds of on-lookers and tourists watched on. The whole event was all about what you intent is. Your intent for the day. Your intent for you actions. Your intent for your relationships. And your intent for you life. And for two hours that is what I focused my thoughts on and I loved every minute of it.

Rocking some Yoga gear I selected c/o Zobha.
Their stuff is SO nice, enter to $1000 to spend at Zohba here.
Friends and blog readers who showed up.
Enjoying freebies c/o pop chips and Odwalla and of course event sponsors Sokenbicha.
I set up my yoga map in anticipation for the events. While I do practice yoga, I am in no means a "yogi" and have never practiced with such a large group before. I was in the front row and was kind of intimidated!
There were some drummers that performed pre-show and were amazing.
They really got the energy going and set the tone for the event.
Somehow in the mist of of busy city and having people stop to take pictures of our spectacle, we were able to find peace and enjoyed peaceful practice. It was SO cool.
So I urge you to think about your intent. Check out, think about your intent, and enter it to make it it official.
I agreed to be compensated and to cover this event


  1. You go to some of the most fun events and just love it and hearing all about it and seeing your wonderful pictures! Off to check out Intent now!

    Liesl :)

  2. Looks like it was fun and a beautiful day! LOL I see a Seinfeld reference . . . which makes me chuckle because its the total opposite of peaceful yoga!! =) Suzanne

  3. What an awesome experience!! And it looks like the weather has finally been nice!! That's what I am most* nervous about my move to SF is the finicky weather. :)

    love the yoga outfit!

  4. Thanks Liesl!!

    LOL Totally Suzanne! I love how ou always notice my Seinfeld lines =)

    Oh don't be nervous ashley!! and hit me up when you are here!! However the weather does SUCK sometimes ;)

  5. I love this post. I can only imagine how powerful it felt to hold your intentions and meditate in the middle of such an urban and bustling area. I'm fairly certain that Austin holds events like this downtown - you've inspired me to search them out! ♥

  6. It was an awesome event, & the new age goodie bags, wow!

  7. Wow looks like a great event! I'm really into anything that encourages fitness!

    Live Life in Style

  8. cool!! Im bummed I wasn't in SF for the event!