Thursday, June 2, 2011

Style Icon: Dress You Up in My Love

On Saturday I am going to '80's style birthday and scavenger hunt. Now, while that typically isn't my thing ,I figure I might as well attend this sort of thing while I'm still 28 (counting down the days I can still say that...). Plus I love the 80's and dressing up in some of era gear sounds kind of fun. And well, I've never gone to 80's party, unless well, it was in the 80's. Double Dare birthday party? Can you say the best birthday party ever? Thanks Mom -- Holy Childhood dreams!
My inspiration for my '80's outfit is my number one style icon of the 80's (besides Barbie) the legend herself, Madonna.

80's Fashion
I'm think lots of bracelets, big earrings + hair and an off the shoulder top.
Any other suggestions?


  1. Holy hair and eyebrows! Those electric blue leggings are awesome! I think you'll look great!

  2. PS yes, please! can we hang out!!!! G gets out of school today and then we are free as birds for the next 8 weeks!

  3. My younger brother and I used to "play" Double Dare all the time, setting up obstacle courses and everything. Drove my parents crazy!

    Leggings and pegged pants, or fingerless gloves. Also very 80's.

  4. As many bangles as you can fit on your arms!

  5. Ohhh Madonna. LOVE her. Total style icon! <3

    xx Laura

  6. I cannot tell you how much i love this post. I love love love madonna and everything that she's done and created. I love her style when she was just starting out in nyc. And love that fact that she's from where I grew up as well, Detroit! She is an icon! Great blog very inspiring!


  7. I will forever love the 80's :) its amazing how fashion always makes a full circle and something that was trendy 10 years ago is trendy now! Your blog is amazing btw!

  8. So, so FUN! We used to play Madonna on cassette tapes...oh yes...growing up! Good times!

    Liesl :)

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