Monday, March 5, 2012


I am currently busting my ass (Yes these days I often need curse words to emphasize my emotions) working on my rebirth.
New job. New City. NEW LIFE. So i apologize for my lack of posts. BUT let's just say my old life and some of the people in it feel like a lifetime ago. I can't even believe how amazing my life is these days and how I'm a MILLION times happier then I could have ever imagined. I mean Miley-FREAKING-Cyrus' team did a photoshoot with lil old me. Now that shit CRAY! And Vijat made me feel like a star, umm I look at who he has photographed. REALLY?!!
But I guess that's what happens when when you follow your dreams. I'm hustling my hardest to fight for the things I believe in. And I hoping to change America's values & standards of society. I'm using all I have because I'm SO passionate about how things have slipped and what America currently values and I can't stand for it anymore. Commercialism, Pop Culture & MAINSTREAM America I'm coming at you and that's just my start.
I'm fighting hard and I hope y'all can join in and help me.
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Because guess what ladies & gents? WE'RE ABOUT TO CHANGE THIS GAME (...all in the Name of Amber Lane ;)
Thank you Jackie for asking me to be a part of your Rad & Refined COACHELLA Look Book. That was amazing!!! And i love you like CRAZY You are making my DREAMS COME TRUE!! Keep doin' what you DO!
Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 1.43.05 PM
Screen shot 2012-03-05 at 2.41.44 AM
I'm just gonna keep flyin HIGH, seriously can you pass me a joint? Thanks.
Talk to you soon, until then...
Go and do something for someone else today, even if it's just a hello to a stranger & be PROUD of it.