Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yes. I really do have notebooks.

Alright! I really do have notebooks. I write in notebooks to remember thought's, ideas or just random things. I figured it was about time to bring my notebook to the internet. This blog will be my electronic notebook filled with random (probably boring) thoughts, ideas, and random things I find worthy enough to blog about. Since I'm addicted to searching online now I can easily recall (via search tool!) my thoughts without flipping though random notebooks. We shall see how long this lasts...

By the way this is the only JS notebook, and it has been collecting dust the last couple years. Ohh I know what you were thinking Erynn and Wendy! ;)


  1. Really? YOU have notebooks? What do you use them for? LOL.

  2. you see that stack? I really do have them. lol. I write notes in them or save random things in them lol

  3. The idea of online notebook is really mind blowing. I also have a Notebook I fill it in sequence not randomly.

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