Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to Reality

Spring break is over, so back it's back to classes for me. I have class Monday, Wednesday nights and all day Saturday(only 4 times though), yuck. When I am in school I am at work all day then straight to school so I have not time to eat. Therefore, I need quick dinners I can throw together quick and easy when I get home. Tonight's dinner is a variation of a tortilla soup I sampled at Trader Joes, love their samples! Basically I just threw a Box of roasted red pepper, tomato soup, black beans, Trader joe's corn and Chile tomato-less salsa in a pot and heated it through. I topped it off with fresh cilantro, avocado cubes and some Fage. Pretty yummy!

With the new quarter starting I made my regular begining of the quarter checklist of assignments. I like to check off my assignments as I finish them(early!). I also made a few doodles, don't worry I only doodled when we reviewed the syllabus, well maybe during some of the power point ;)

Tortilla soup ingredients: