Monday, January 13, 2014


The Golden Globes are the first major award show of the season and I had an amazing time participating in some of the festivities this past weekend. Crazy to think that  this time two years ago i was staying at my mom's house in the Bay Area waiting for my divorce to be finalized; not knowing where my life was headed or what direction i was going in. And now i'm HERE in Hollywood California living my life long dream!!
From trying on 1/2 million dollar necklaces to hair pins once owned by Marlin Monroe and coming home with swag bags of regalia this weekend was unreal. Walt Disney was right about when you wish upon a STAR ... dreams do come true!
Cassandra Hein & I working it on the red carpet as correspondents for the GBK pre Golden Globe gifting suite. 

Air combs once owned by Marilyn Monroe that i had the privilege of trying on. We also got the opportunity to watch Besty Brant of Breaking bad pick out her jewelry for her Golden Globe Red carpet look & after party looks.

I had the opportunity to meet Bono only hours before he & U2 won A Golden Globe for Best Original Score at the 2014 golden globes.

Here is a video of our GBK pre Golden Globe gifting suite action:

Big thanks to The Style Lab & to the GBK gifting suite for hooking me up  and making me feel like an A-LiST celebrity! Pilot Pen, Airweve, Luminta, and Burke Williams Spa were just some of the big names kicking the first Award show week of 2014. It was an amazing weekend (my NiNERS even won!!!) i was so honored for all the opportunities i was given!