Monday, June 9, 2014

Dream Doer: Sarah Silberfeld

One thing I love about LA is meeting other creative types, from around the world who came to LA to follow their dreams. Today I am featuring a GORGEOUS  incredibly talented young women, Sarah Silberfeld. 

I mean hot is she?? These are the kinds of people I meet down here, the ones brave enough to go after their dreams. Sarah Silberfeld is an up & coming actress from Paris, where her notoriety is started to take off. Her dream is to take her acting career to the next level in LA.

Her latest performance is from "Jin'naariya!" a film by Rahmatou Ke├»ta that went to Cannes this spring for its world premiere. 

Sarah Silbereld is originally from Poland and Mali originally and is now based out of Paris. Sarah Silberfeld also has a presence & she known in Niger, where she will be part of the Judge panel for a art contest for young actors. Giving back is key in dream doing. 

Sarah is currently being considered for a part in 212, the feature length script of Ride or Die which she will have a lead part in it as well alongside Piper De Palma,  Ali Aroyan Roxane Depardieu.

Sarah Silbereld has shot for great photographers such as Rodolphe Gonzalez (Head manager of the Chanel runways). Dirk Mai, Djeneba Aduayom (background dancer of Beyonce and Tina Turner)  and Alex Elena (Lily Allen's producer).

Sarah's dream is to develop as an actress in the US where she would be a great element for the multi-ethnic American Film industry. 

Sarah has studied from The Lee Strasberg Institute to the Playhouse West festival, her mentors are Holly Gagnier, Cathy Giannone, Sharon Angela and Michael Bershad. 

I look forward to watching Sarah's artist journey and see how far he creativity takes her. Congratulations Sarah for being brave enough to follow your dreams!! We need more Dream Doers like you out there. Thank you for being so courageous & brave!