Monday, June 22, 2015

Give Your Heart (and Skin) a Break

motivating people are my favorite. always have been. the people who go out there and show the world they have something to offer and lay it out there for us all to see are captivating and inspiring. They aren't ashamed to talk about "issues' they've overcome or things out of our control that we can beat ourselves up over (WE HAVE TO STOP DOING THAT!!)  While we can't pick our bodies and skin we can learn to take care of what we are given, but it's not always natural for some of us. Some of us have to LEARN to care of ourselves emotionally & physically. 

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to not only preview Demi Lovato's skin care line Devonne by Demi, I also got to speak with Demi herself. And wow Demi is one brave soul. She's bared her soul to us, on stage and off the stage. She's shared her hurdles she's overcome and in doing so she's helped SO many others (myself included).

In another effort to give back to those still learning to over hurdles demi developed a skincare line called Devonne By Demi. Specially for those in-between years and all around "take of your skin" because it's yours and it's going to be yours for the rest of your time.

Demi's efforts of helping those with finicky skin (again, myself included lol) go beyond just an amazing botanical skincare routine. Demi's skincare line also GIVES BACK to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction (something I openly struggle with myself).

And to further Demi's efforts of helping others face fears she has piloted a No Makeup Monday campaign in which demi herself bares her face au natural and stays true to her no hold barred, let's all get to our TRUE SELVES attitude. 

THANK YOU demi for all that you do for those following in your footsteps. You are years wiser then your age and you inspire SO many older and younger then you!! Thank you!!

& here is my #NMM (NO MAKEUP MONDAY) … feeling pretty brave after using Devonne by Demi's botanical ski care routine. That spray tho …. LOVE it all!! & THANK YOU DEMI!!


see what i mean about GIVING BACK … 
demi & i … LOVE this girl and what she does

Thanks again Demi and make sure to check out Devonne By demi!

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