Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hey Sista, Soul Sista ….

As part of my journey in LA i have done a TON of soul searching. Why is it that i am here? why are we all here? why do stars (energies) align in the way they do?

And through my readings, and lessons i have learned in large part that we are "Souls having a human experience" this is why it's essential to learn to be comfortable in your skin, while accepting and acknowledging the feelings we have inside.

I have also learned a lot more about "soul mates". In my eyes we don't just have one ultimate soul mate. But instead we have many soul mates on this planet, for many reasons. A soul mate is anyone who strikes your soul so deeply. It is a feeling and connection to a person that can't be explained, it must be felt. They may come in your life for a "reason, season, or lifetime". But whatever the timeline is, a soul mate comes into your life to make you FEEL and make you learn more about your own soul. And of course you are placed in their realm to teach their soul something it hasn't experienced yet.

Growing up in a small town you tend to find your soul mates & stick with them, I have soul mates in The Bay i've know for 33, 20, and15 years. And now in LA i have encountered many souls i have only known briefly. But I now experience the INCREDIBLE reality of being in the presence of a souls who have long touched me from far away and I have always felt a DEEP connection with.

For example Katy Perry. Katy Perry is an artist that i (like many others) was immediately DRAWN to when she first hit the scene. I loved her for having fun, being cheeky and funny. And was I inspired by her boldness, courage and braveness. Plus the girl has a voice i dream of!

Back on February 13 2012 (the day before my divorce became finalized) Katy Perry released "Part of Me" with lyrics like "you can take the diamond ring, it don't mean nothing anyway. In fact you can keep everything. yeah. Except for me." … it's safe to say that song became an anthem to me during a real rough patch. Katy Perry became sister in strength for me as she endured her own divorce and began a new chapter in 2012. I FELT her.

With her follow up songs like Roar and Dark Horse, i was able to turn to Katy when i needed strength. She was there for me. She helped HEAL my soul. And  for that, i am forever grateful.

And being GRATEFUL is a magical thing. In fact just last month i had the incredible HONOR to attend The Jeremy Scott People's Designer Movie Premier. It was my first time attending a red carpet movie premier at the Chinese Theater and I was in a dreamland!!

Katy is a close friend of Jeremy Scott , and she was also subject of his documentary. Before the movie began Katy and Jeremy participated in the Graumen's tradition of putting handprints in cement. I felt as if i had been transported back to Old Hollywood.

Katy has always had an Old Hollywood style to her and that night she really BROUGHT it. Seeing her participate in such an amazing Hollywood tradition and ritual made me feel proud. What an incredible journey she has been on. And to see her follow in the footsteps (hand prints??) of Marilyn Monroe kinda blew my mind. Let's just say Soul Mates for LIFE!! And I am HONORED to feel such strong vibes of connection to such an amazing inspiring artist.

Make sure to watch the Jeremy Scott People's Designer movie available now on vimeo:
I loved the part when Jeremy And Katy are backstage at the Superbowl before her halftime performance -- UNREAL!!

and happy birthday to my GURL!! my inspiration & my SOUL SiSTA …. the one and only KATY PERRY!!! I can't thank you enough Katy!!! LOVE YOU!! & THANK YOU for everything!! Enjoy your day Birthday girl!!!

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  1. Great post today! It's deep and easy to relate to. Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading your next post! :)

    Anne Cohen

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