Friday, May 6, 2011

Look of the Day: Gotta Get Down on Friday

I like to start my mornings with music, I think it perks me up more then coffee. There's nothing better than a with lyrics that make me smile and a beat that makes me want to dance. So as I put together a new play-list this morning (yes, jen I'll makes you a mix) hit me with your current jams; particularly the ones that aren't on the iTunes top list. Or hit me up with your best ways to discover new music.

The only thing I love more then dancing is wearing an outfit that I like. I picked up this skirt the other day and I'm pretty certain it's going to get a lot of action this summer.
oh did I mention, I am LOVING this weather...
Forever 21 A line geometric skirt,Urban outfitters blouse, heels from target, h&m straw fedora.
While we're talking about discovering new things, please tell me someone out there watches Workaholics. If not get on it, I need someone to know what I mean when I drop lines like looking straight grizzly!


  1. Lately, one of my favourite songs has been "High Road" by Broken Bells. It's really good driving music. And running too. I like to run to it.

    I think this skirt is definitely a summer skirt and it goes so well with a fedora! Adorbs! - I notice people are using that word now :)

  2. OMG -- Workaholics is the funniest show. I need to find myself a bear outfit.

  3. I am in love with your skirt and that flirty top is just lovely! I am in Austin right now and loving the weather here...although it is going to heat up quite a bit this weekend! I start most of my mornings with music fun! Enjoy your weekend, Amber!

    Liesl :)

  4. i am going to start my days with music from now on! i think i have grown far too accustomed to coffee that it just doesnt work anymore haha.

    I love this outfit! so perfect. especially loving your shoes and that gorgeous skirt! i have been a follower and reader for ages and i just love your blog so much :)

  5. Oh man, I HATE that Rebecca Black Friday song!

    I love this outfit - you look gorgeous and that blouse is to die for! So lovely!

  6. LOL Kim! Obiv!! But it's hilarious!

    Thank you Sophie!!

    Becky- umm yeah I want one too!!! Those scientist better check their hypotenuses.

    Thank you Liesl! You are too sweet, have fun in Austin!

    Sweet laundry- Thank I am going ot check it out!

  7. I NEED this skirt, it's a amazing!

    I refuse to listen to that Rebecca Black song all the way through, I just can't do it haha


  8. Anything from the black keys.

    Love the skirt

    Love, Shellsea Blog

  9. Love the summery skirt!
    Yes, workaholics is hilarious!

  10. That skirt is amazingly cute. I could never, EVER get away with something that short but you a rocking it.

    I just found Workaholics on OnDemand last weekend, bored. I've only seen the first two episodes but... SO FREAKIN' FUNNY. The bear coat! Awesome.

  11. Those heels are from target?? They are super cute!! Your whole outfit is adorable, perfect for the warmed up weather.


  12. Fingers crossed the weather sticks around for you. I love the shape and print of that skirt!


  13. Such a cute outfit. I love music in the morning as well. I like to go to and listen to world music and/or french pop. It's fun.

  14. Great post! I love music and dancing too, it truly is the best pick me up. Love your skirt and heels especially! <3shelby

  15. Love the skirt lady, love love love the pattern.

  16. Thank ladies!

    Taylor- I always wear skirts under my skirt if I wear a skirt that length. And I wore flats to work. My long legs tend to make everything look super short.

  17. I am the exact same way. I have to listen to music as I get ready so I can get my attitude right. This typically will influence my outfit for the day. Anywho, I may regret confessing this but Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" is on my must listen list in the mornings for the past week. I recommend it.