Monday, May 2, 2011

Amber's {vintage} Notebook: Born in the USA

Yesterday I went to the Alameda flea market, in hopes of searching for treasures in the fabulous weather.
I spent my day looking through pieces from an era when items were made in America.
I supported a small business owned by a French man who came to America to live his dream.
And I bought some American treasures to treasure for myself.
{Baseball Encyclopedia, Post office box, Vintage Ash trays to place in my backyard for guests, and a faux fur stole inspired by Cheetah is the New black}
All while not knowing how the day would end and what the news would bring us later yesterday night -- but feeling all the more proud to do my part in supporting the country I love, and doing so in the way i feel most comfortable.


  1. How fabulous! Love all your finds. I am honestly so jealous of your new faux fur stole.

  2. aww, my parents met at the Lake Tahoe Harrahs (they both worked there at the time)... cool finds!

  3. Erinn!! That's so cool, It ones of my favorite places, I'll have to keep an eye out for you ;)

  4. This is such a great post. Thank you for posting this (it's motivating, cause news kind of makes me feel down about it all).

    also, still bummed I work on Sundays and miss the flea markets! One day I'll visit the Alameda...

  5. cool vintage finds! i love 'cheetah is the new black's blog'! what city is that in the background?