Friday, April 29, 2011

Things I Love: The Royal Wedding

History was made early this morning and I didn't let a 3am wake-up time scare me. I was determined to watch the royal wedding live and make a morning of it. Armed with cucumber sandwiches, tea, and donning a fascinator and Louboutins (a nod to Mrs. Beckham) I was watched the Royal wedding in awe. It was all that I imagined and the dress was just perfect! Kate has so much poise and grace; she is a perfectly regal princess.. Growing up I remember seeing footage from the Diana's wedding so I was most excited about finally watching a royal wedding. I grew up adoring the family, my middle name is even Diana because William and I were born just a few days apart, and this event seemed to bring everything full circle. It such an exciting morning!
Royal wedding viewing necessities:
tea, reading material, and Royal Wedding iPad app
Cucumber tea sandwiches.
Because even princesses must eat.
Getting up at 3am was rough -- but worth it!
What are your thoughts on the royal wedding? Are you royal struck like me?


  1. Love your shoes and fascinator!!! The wedding was just perfect in everyway and they both looked so happy and relaxed through the whole thing! She is gonna make a wonderful Queen one day!!


  2. Oh I loved every little minute of the festivities. It felt like a Disney movie come to life. My mom was reminiscing about how I, like you, was just a few months old when Diana and Charles were married and today I was cuddling my 3 month old babe watching Will and Kate. A perfect day! Love how you celebrated it!

  3. Last picture is lovely! And yes I'm over the moon about the wedding, stayed up all night and watched all the ceremony...twice! I even teared a little, I'm such a helpless romantic, trying to plan my own fairy tale, keep dreaming!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  4. Oh I LOVE how you prepped and participated! I wish I had a fancy fascinator to wear! The wedding was perfect and Kate was gorgeous!

    xx Vivian @

  5. Aww this is such a cute post! And those shoes!

  6. How was the cucumber tea sandwiches? I actually just googled it and gonna make some tomorrow :D

    Love the last pic, your shoes are fab!

    Here's my post about the Royal Wedding:



  7. such gorgeous, gorgeous photos--simple and lovely. and those shoes?! those shoes are killing me--must get myself a pair. immediately. (well, when i have finally have funds in the bank account!).

  8. "Because even princesses must eat" hahaha


  9. Hello, I woke up bright and early to watch the live coverage too! But I didn't have to wake until 4:45. I have watched the wedding 3 times already! It's available on demand, so I can fast forward/rewind my favourite parts! I also wore a fascinator and long gloves but I paired it with my housecoat :) What a lovely day it was, I'm so happy for William and Kate!

  10. I LOVE that you got up at 3AM as well, the time scared me too, and that you had tea sandwiches and enjoyed the Royal Wedding! Wasn't it and she just beautiful! So FUN!!! Oh and those green pumps of yours are to die for!

    Liesl :)

  11. Cool post Im english 36 male I live in Cornwall which is at the bottom of england. Love the monarchy, never been to any Royal event before but this year I needed to go to this one. Had an amazing time in London woke at 5 to get to the Mall at 8 stayed on the Mall during most of the Morning watching the grande prosessions then when they was letting all the people walk towards the palace I managed to secure a wonderful place just below Buckingham Palace, got some wonderful pictures of the whole royal family on the balcony. It was an absolutely wonderful day. Check out the pic on my facebook page. If anyone wants any pics emailed send me a message got about 5 good ones on the balcony

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