Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flowers of the Week: Outside Lands

I recently mentioned that I wanted to put some time and effort in to my backyard garden and I seemed to get together just in time for my annual Easter Egg Hunt & Party. So instead of focusing on my flowers inside I have instead been trying to enjoy my newly planted flowers that brighten up my backyard. I love watering my vegetable garden and enjoying my view from my sitting area's in my newly spruced up backyard. Now if only the weather would get back to feeling like spring.
Flowers picked from my backyard.
My sunning area surrouned by fun things growing.
Some of my favorites.
Looking forward to spending many summer nights here.
With Earth Day just around the corner have you thought about planting some of your herbs, vegetables or flowers?
Even the smallest bit helps.


  1. Lovely pictures Amber. I love your outdoor area. Funny you mentioned Earth Day, I was just volunteering to help distribute new coffee mugs in the company so people use those instead of paper cups. Every little counts.

  2. Great pictures. I'm excited for earth day, too : )

  3. Your flowers are so lovely...even better that you grew them yourself! You are a great flower mama :)

    xx Cat brideblu

  4. Those flowers are awesome!! Bc of our climate, I'll probably plant flowers after Mother's Day (we could still get a frost... gross!)... but I can't wait to get some color going...

  5. I am so looking forward to hanging out in the backyard too! I've always wanted to plant flowers and herbs since I grew up with my Grandma having the most amazing yard full of everything you could think of but for some reason I never get around to it. Maybe I'll get inspired soon!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Go Rosa! Go Rosa!

    Yay I'm glad so many of you are excited about Earth day!

    Shellsea and Cat - thank yoU! Hopfully I can keep them alive!

    Erinn- oh bummer that sucks. Well actually that's coming up quick!

    Do it Mrs Spangish and share it if you do!

  7. What a great sitting area! Those flowers in the first picture are so pretty and would brighten up any area :) Earth Day yay! I will have to find some pots to plant in because the dirt around here is like clay :( haha

  8. I planted some begonias, cilantro and parsley this weekend. I have serious yard-envy though...I have to settle for a window box outside of my apartment. :)

  9. Your fresh picked flowers are so pretty!!! Your back area looks so lovely and relaxing! Perfect for summer get togethers!!

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