Friday, April 22, 2011

Things I Love: Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day
Living a green lifestyle is something that is very important to me. At one point I may or may not have had a blog about my green efforts although after a substantial break, I now shop at Forever 21.
So it's so cool to see how Earth Day has grown and how many companies get involved now -- lots of free coffee refills for people with reusable cups today to fuel you through your Friday today!

I know you're seeing this all over the web but
Here are my Favorite ways to stay green:
#1. Reusable Shopping Bags:
they are everywhere now. I keep some in my trunk and some stashed in my purse. Or at least when shopping reuse the bags you get at places like H&M and Forever 21 or don't get a new bag at every place you shop at.

#2. Reuse THEN Recycle:
I try to reuse things before just putting them in the recycling bin.
For example, jars. I save almost every glass I use. I use them in my kitchen to store things like lentils, rice, grains, and oatmeal. I think they make my pantry look so much nicer and I can see what exactly I have, and when you paint the lids they look really cute! I also use glass jars to store my crafting items and as vases. They are also perfect to make DIY cookie mixes and such for Christmas. I could go on and on, seriously, I never recycle my jars until they break, and I can never have enough of them I always find a use for them.

#3. Eat Local and organic:
It doesn't matter if it's one item in your cart that is local or organic or just one herb or plant on your windowsill, or go to one restaurant because they serve local food. It's something.
Go to farmers markets, plant a garden, put a tomato plant in a pot, read your labels. Think about starting with what you put into your own body, and let it domino from there.

#4 Buy Used or Vintage
It's fun, cool, interesting and so rewarding. I love buying something that has a history to it.

#5 Make one Goal or Change
Examine your lifestyle and make one minor change or adjustment.
Turn your shower off when you shave. Buy a reusable water bottle or coffee mug. Plan your shopping trips out so you're not driving all over town. Start reading the newspaper online (I just read the already read on at work and my mom shares her Sunday paper with me) Buy a used book on Amazon instead of a new on at Barnes and Noble. Make an effort to be concious of how much you use, how much you waste and what changes you can make.

I could go on but I'll stop there, I love new ideas so please tell me what are your favorite ways to stay to stay green or what is one new thing you will be doing to stay green?
Have a happy and green Friday everyone!!


  1. Good for you, Amber! Love the reusable Trader Joe's bag too! I am trying to stay green by remembering to use my reusable totes when shopping and I always save and re-use bags I do get...oh and to just conserve, I really try to turn my water off when I'm not using it, like in between brushing my teeth! :) Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

    LIesl :)

  2. i love this! I try to stay as green as possible too. I use the reusable bags for my food and i always carry a reusable water bottle! i love your blog :)


  3. This is a great list Amber. I take my reusable bag everywhere and when someone comes to visit me in DC, they all get a reusable bag in their DC survival kit (I usually get the ones that fir perfectly into a little pouch).

  4. Great post Amber!... also note that you can usually recycle plastic bags at most grocery stores, just make sure they are clean :)

    I've been getting 'greener' and 'greener' ever since I gave up meat (chicken, pig, cow) 3 years ago... I drink out of glass via brita, or from my BPA free nalgene or Bobble.... I store & reheat leftovers in pryex glass and never microwave plastic.... I also would love to compost, but since we live in a townhouse with an HOA... I need to figure out it work!

  5. Great ideas! I did a blog post today about things I am trying to improve on and lots of your ideas are on my list!

  6. Love it everyone!! Rosa survival kits sound so cute!! I love hearing how everyone is going green. I should have a link up!!

  7. Love your post Amber! I also take my reusable bags with me every day, try to safe water (I prefer a good shower instead of bathing), buy bio food from local farmers, avoid to buy roses that take water away from Africa, save energy and try to learn more about going green every day, with new ideas such as yours...
    Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  8. Happy Earth Day Amber!!!

    I always take reusable shopping bags with me, I never take plastic ones in stores anymore!!

    I also have a sigg and another water bottle I use everyday and If i do forget and buy a bottle of water while i'm out i'll keep that bottle to use over and over as well!

    I also always take my reusbale cup to starbucks, environmentally friendly and you save money everytime you use it too, so it's a wallet friendly tip too!!


  9. i think you should do green friday every week!

  10. Super lovely blog!


  11. i love your blog, and i love the earth!
    good on you for celebrating :) xx

  12. Double-sided printing at work! Also using Google docs to house info instead of printing everything out. Greener and more organized.