Friday, April 1, 2011

Amber's {media} Notebook: Interview with College Lifestyles

Happy Friday everyone! My Friday started off fabulous with an email from Jessica, a writer for College Lifestyles. Jessica interviewed me recently and wrote this amazing article about my blog and how I first got into blogging. If you have a moment or two I love for you to check it out! And if you have any other questions I'd love to answer them.
Picture 2
And if you really have some extra time this Friday you can watch this video, in which I attempted to record the interview, but in classic Amber form, I messed it up and ended the video before the interview really started. I still thought some of you might like to see it because I always love to hear people's voices, that I only through their written word via the internet. This isn't something I typically do (interviews and filming myself) so be forewarned.

Thanks again to Jessica and to all of you for your support!
And don't forget to check out my outfit posted early today, it's one of my favorite outfits I have worn in awhile!


  1. Aww, you are so cute! I loved the article.

  2. Aww congrats! That's a great article!!

  3. congrats!! that's awesome, i loved the article!

  4. Congrats That's amazing.

  5. The interview looks great!! And your new outfit is adorable!!!! Gotta love the orange skinny jeans ;D

  6. Aww, it's so good to see you in a motion picture. =D Thanks for sharing!

  7. just found you and your blog
    your style is beautiful x
    following forever dollface !

    amy !

  8. Congrats on the interview! Great blog :)

  9. Congrats, lovely interview!
    Nice blog as well :)

    xoxo Robine

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