Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amber's {shopping} Notebook: Bright & Bold

I am noticing as the season shifts I am drawn to a few things: bright colors, bold patterns and anything pertaining to the 70's trend. I'm loving all the bell bottom jeans and fun colored blouses out there. I am also noticing how skirts are a really great wardrobe acquisition because they can mixed and matched so well.
Bring on the bright colors!
Some of my recent purchases include:
-This midi yellow chevron dress from Urban Outfitters (that I swear looks better on then on the model and it reminds me of dresses my Mom used to wear in the 70's and in the 8-'s they resided in my dress-up box)
-This colorful Urban Outfitters dress also arrived I (It has a slightly longer hemline then I was expecting and I love it. I the long hemline will make this dress more useful then just a beach dress)
-And these Forever 21 Skirts. When I sized up in the lace one the length seemed very versatile for spring and summer outfits and a flouncy forever 21 skirt (similar to this style) that I might just wear everyday when I get a bit of sun on my legs.
-I also thrifted a polka dot J crew skirt, and picked up a few items from H&M. Like a hot pink and orange skirt on mega sale and this bohemian jumper from H&M that I had to have after seeing it on Gisele. Who buys something after seeing it on Giselle!?
What items have you been purchasing for spring?


  1. GAAA! I have been wanting that jumper!!! Can't wait to see it on!

  2. Ohhh!!!! I love all these colors and that lace skirt looks divine.

  3. loving your spring purchases! my favorite spring purchase is this bright orange zara skirt that i plan on wearing with a navy polka dot top i also got from there:)

  4. You are a serious shopper! Love all those colors and print, you are so ready for spring! So curious too see what that white lace is, looks so feminine!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm loving all these patterns and bright colors :)

  6. Love the new additions!

  7. Cute stuff Amber! Love all the bright colors. I've been stocking up on coral colored pieces and flowy tops.

  8. Just loving everything you've bought! There are still probably a couple of things missing in my closet, but I'll "catch" them sooner or later... :o)


  9. This all looks so lovely! I've been purchasing lots of sheer printed items, midi skirts, and bright colors!



  10. Love it all! :) I'm a huge fan of bright colors and bold patterns! :)

  11. All the colors and designs are great! 8) Looove iitt :) <3

  12. This spring I'm all into colors: bright hot pink is my favourite one...

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga