Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amber's {shopping} Notebook: Bright & Bold

I am noticing as the season shifts I am drawn to a few things: bright colors, bold patterns and anything pertaining to the 70's trend. I'm loving all the bell bottom jeans and fun colored blouses out there. I am also noticing how skirts are a really great wardrobe acquisition because they can mixed and matched so well.
Bring on the bright colors!
Some of my recent purchases include:
-This midi yellow chevron dress from Urban Outfitters (that I swear looks better on then on the model and it reminds me of dresses my Mom used to wear in the 70's and in the 8-'s they resided in my dress-up box)
-This colorful Urban Outfitters dress also arrived I (It has a slightly longer hemline then I was expecting and I love it. I the long hemline will make this dress more useful then just a beach dress)
-And these Forever 21 Skirts. When I sized up in the lace one the length seemed very versatile for spring and summer outfits and a flouncy forever 21 skirt (similar to this style) that I might just wear everyday when I get a bit of sun on my legs.
-I also thrifted a polka dot J crew skirt, and picked up a few items from H&M. Like a hot pink and orange skirt on mega sale and this bohemian jumper from H&M that I had to have after seeing it on Gisele. Who buys something after seeing it on Giselle!?
What items have you been purchasing for spring?


  1. GAAA! I have been wanting that jumper!!! Can't wait to see it on!

  2. Ohhh!!!! I love all these colors and that lace skirt looks divine.

  3. loving your spring purchases! my favorite spring purchase is this bright orange zara skirt that i plan on wearing with a navy polka dot top i also got from there:)

  4. You are a serious shopper! Love all those colors and print, you are so ready for spring! So curious too see what that white lace is, looks so feminine!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm loving all these patterns and bright colors :)

  6. Cute stuff Amber! Love all the bright colors. I've been stocking up on coral colored pieces and flowy tops.

  7. Just loving everything you've bought! There are still probably a couple of things missing in my closet, but I'll "catch" them sooner or later... :o)


  8. This all looks so lovely! I've been purchasing lots of sheer printed items, midi skirts, and bright colors!



  9. Love it all! :) I'm a huge fan of bright colors and bold patterns! :)

  10. All the colors and designs are great! 8) Looove iitt :) <3

  11. This spring I'm all into colors: bright hot pink is my favourite one...

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga