Thursday, May 8, 2014

Soya Wanna Dream ?

Things have been going really well down here in Hollywood, California. In April i started acting classes at James Franco's Studio 4 Playhouse West and it has been nothing short of amazing. From the opportunities I have been given to the people i have i met it has all rocked my world. But Most importunely I have learned so much about my self, my character and my drive.

… and when i'm not so gosh darn nervous, excited and scatterbrained i'll wrote more on that. I mean I got a have a script to memorize!!

But seriously, going to acting classes not only help me hone my skills as an actor but it also helps me become a better a person. I learn so much about myself during the classes and the whole acting process. And this weekend i am SO excited to shoot my first Film! It's going to be an awesome experience and I can't wait to share more with y'all soon. But for now I am focused on the job at hand and counting my blessing for having the courage to go after my dreams.

Big thanks to Pivotal PR & SEXY HAIR for hooking my up with their new Soya Want it all products. I'll be having the products on hand on set so the  hair stylist can help pump up my volume, sexiness & confidence. You know everything a Hollywood actress needs (… I say that as if i am convincing myself). Cuz I'm gonna need a lot of it!! I'm scared & excited as heck!! Thanks again SEXY HAIR & Pivotal PR !!! So nice i have y'all cheering  me on!! It means the world to me!!

Have a fabulous weekend!! Hope you do whatever makes you truly HAPPY!! Go out LIVE your life .. the one you always dreamed of!!!

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