Friday, May 16, 2014

Stuck in Her Daydream ...

Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being able to wear pretty dresses. Whether I was playing Barbies, watching My Fair Lady or looking at pictures of Princess Diana I have always been fascinated by gowns & the women who wore them. Wearing ball gowns & princess dresses has always been an ultimate fantasy of mine. I even dreamed of being a fashion designer, mostly, because I dreamed of wearing dresses I designed. In high school I would design & make my own dresses so I could say I was wearing my own design at school dances.
So last night at the Chagoury Couture event  it felt like my dreams were beginning to come true. Not only did i get to try on a couple of Chagoury Couture gowns, I also got to try my hand at a chance to be a guest designer with Chagoury Couture!! Two dreams coming to fruition on one night had me giddy as could be!!! 
Thank you so much to Pivotal PR for having me out & helping me feel like a kid and a princess all in one night!! Y'all are amazing!!

Checking out the behind the sciences of Chagoury Couture designs. This felt like a dream world to me! I love seeing where artists create magic!
My dress design. I was feeling a little retro with my look.
And then i played dress up …
and it was AWESOME!
I was TOTALLY pretending i was on the Cannes red carpet. You know just getting in some practice before next year … (i'm always Manifesting!!)
Four year old Amber would have been pretty MFing proud of 31 year old Amber last night. 
Been doing my signature pose since i first started day-dreaming of dressing up …
Go out and make YOUR dreams happen.

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