Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Malibu Wines Safari

On Sunday i met my friend Christina & her cute pup Loubs at Lisa Vanderpump's World Dog Day event. Which was so much fun! So many cute pups and we awe able to hit up my friend Stacey's Word Of Mouth vegan food truck that was parked at the event. We got the grilled cheese and macaroni bites -SO good!
After that we headed out to Malibu Wines for their Safari tour & wine tasting. 

The Safari was SO fun!!! It was a scorching hot day in Malibu but man it as awesome! We got to feed and pet Llamas (LLAMA DEL RAY & the O'Lamas), Mini Horses, Zebra's, Water Buffalo's. There were also Horse, Camels, and Bison. And we saw a Giraffe!!! Stanley the Giraffe to be exact! he is so Friendly and LOVES people!! I love animals (I mean I did go to world dog day the same day) and am not a huge fan of them in captivity but these animals are SO loved and all seemed SO happy!!

And the Wine Tasting along the way was awesome. Our your guides John and Gabby were so funny and knowledgeable! it was an Awesome experience!!! Also the property is beautiful and radical! Plus riding in the Safari Truck was SWEET!

Thanks so much for inviting me Christina & THANK YOU MALIBU Wines for an awesome time! Definitely check it out! And have a great Wednesday!


  1. I have been to this place several times. The perfect event starts with an extraordinary location, like this. Thanks to my friend for introducing me to San Francisco event venues. I will definitely be coming back.

  2. Are you no longer sober then?