Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Art & Wine

It's that time of the year again. Autumn! I love everything about it, the leaves turning colors,and breaking out boots and sweaters (I can pretend it's cold in California when I have to blast the air conditioning). Also enjoying the fall festivals and activities. Oktoberfests, pumpkin patches, apple picking and Art and Wine festivals. The latter being in full force in Northern California right now. I love the unique crafts and jewelry treasures I find at Art and Wine fests. This usually marks the beginning of my Christmas shopping. Art and Wine festivals are the perfect place to find unique presents. This past weekend I enjoyed a local Art and Wine fest stroll with one of my best friends and her mom. We found some great treasures. One of our favorite booths was that of an artist who made the most amazing pieces out of wire. His pieces were so original we knew we had to buy something. When I found the "Love" sign language piece, I knew I found the perfect Christmas present for my dad.

My Dad has always traveled for business. When I was growing up he was away weekly, since he was away so often he would send me postcards from everywhere he traveled to. I soon got used to receiving 2, or 3 postcards a week. To this day I look forward to the postcards I receive weekly from my Dad. On the rare occasion he is not traveling he will send me a postcard from the city where he lives (a mere 45 minutes from where I live). Every postcard he has ever sent me is signed with "Dad" and a sketch of a the sign language sign for Love. This wire piece made by Stein Hoiland was the perfect for my Dad. Check out his website his pieces are amazing. Although the pics online do not do his pieces justice.


  1. Amber I agree 100%! I LOVE FALL!!!!

    I love the postcard idea too! My mom used to send me postcards all the time from Hawaii. So in return I would send her postcards from Douglasville, GA. Let's just say her postcards were just a tad prettier. Just a tad.

  2. LOL! She must miss sending those hawaii postcards!

  3. So sweet. You are such a thoughtful gift-giver.