Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Casey and I are incredibly competitive with each other. We take score while watching jeopardy (if there is a science category he smokes me, if there is a pop culture category I pad my score). When I took the CBEST several years ago he took too. Just to see who got a better score!! FYI: He had me in Math, I took the writing section, and it was a draw on the reading section. We always fight over who is best at everything or who knows the most trivia. We often have impromptu "competitions " to see who is the "best". Recently while watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen I declared the taste test competition easy. Basically contestants were blind folded and asked to name what food they were sampling. I was astounded when constants could not identify foods such as avocados. Casey decided my boasting was in need of a challenge and challenged me to a taste off. I batted a thousand in this competition. But then again I do the grocery shopping ;) I can only imagine our face off tonight will revolve around baseball stats or something of the sorts. Oh as we type we are already seeing who can name the most Willie Mac winners, SF Giants trivia.... Yes this is how we spend our Friday nights.

Click pic to enlarge and see the tastes that I mastered, it was harder then I thought!!


  1. You guys are so funny! A taste test actually sounds like fun. My mom did that one time when we were little with different kinds of peanut butter to find out which one we liked best, blindfolds and everything!

  2. That is awesome! I want to do that.