Monday, May 17, 2010

Look of Day: Relapse

"Let’s be honest, that last Relapse CD was ehhhh”
I am a recovery addict, and it was hard habit to break. I spent all my money on it. I couldn't get enough. I went back weekly for more. And then when I graduated college I had to quit, cold turkey. Abercrombie, you had me hooked. I couldn't have the sweater, without the cami, without the jean skirt, without the matching flip flops (Kara I know you are right here with me on this). I had to end my incessant need for all things Abercrombie. After my complete obsession I have avoided the place, but this past weekend I relapsed. And now I am kind of happy I did, because I picked up a couple button ups and a really cute bandau/corset bra on clearance. old habit die hard I suppose.

Hi, my name is Amber, and I'm a recovering Abercrombie-holic.
Abercombie Classic Top, Abercrombie Morgan bra/top, J Brand jeggings, Postcards+Love Oh Deer Necklace and Cynthia Vincent for target Wedges.
Yay for oldies but goodies, moose and deer.


  1. haha omg I totally have an old abercrombie plaid button down circa 2001 still hanging in my closet

  2. LOL I love it. I actually wandered in there today to check out all there cute summer dresses and I was so annoyed...the damn things are so flippin short! And I am not tall! Why make such a cute piece that is nearly unwearable as a dress! And I would not have worn something that short at 20 so I am not going to start at 28.

  3. Haha it's so funny that you post this because I too used to be an Abercrombie addict. I remember when I first went to college, I thought Abercrombie was like the best "designer" ever. Haha. Oh how times have changed.

  4. You know, I STILL need a checked shirt! This post is starting to kick my arse into gear for getting one!

  5. hysterical... not only am I recovering addict, but I worked there my freshman yr of college to solely support my habit...

    J- again no-shock that you were a lover too...

    cute top Amber!

  6. OMG, this outfit took right back to my days wearing plaid button downs and listening to Nirvana.

    Love it!!!

  7. OMG I am in the same boat - I had to quit cold turkey after college graduation. I was hard core sophomore year!

  8. haha i used to love abercrombie too...until my mom would never go in with my because the music was too loud!!! haha cute blog =)

  9. I had a similar love affair with American Eagle in high school. Too funny!

    Andddd I still LOVE the wedges. Want!

  10. I cannot handle the loud music in Abercrombie anymore :( But when I browse online I often find lots of cute stuff that I would love to own! I think this relapse isn't too bad ;)

  11. Switching from abercrombie to american eagle greatly sated my cravings with less of a dent to my bank account. I think there is a twelve step program for this, by the way.


    Pretty Shiny Sparkly