Sunday, May 16, 2010

Look of the Day: The Little Black (and WHITE) dress

There is something to be said for things you can always count on. A go-to recipe, a fabluous hair dresser or the prefect closet staple. My weekend has been nonstop so l when I was getting ready for the Charity Fashion Show Saturday Night, I knew I needed an easy outfit to put together. There is something to be said for closet staples during times like that. The little black dress being one example of a piece that you can grab, throw on with some accessories, and wear over and over again. And that is exactly how I feel about this black and white Parker dress, it's like an old reliable friend that I know will always be there for me. So last night when I attended the Charity Fashion Show, this Parker dress was the perfect dress to grab and throw on and my old reliable friend friend Mandy was the perfect date for such an event! Our night was little strange but The Charity Fashion Show itself was very a fun event. Even Mandy, who is not into fashion, enjoyed herself at the show. We had a fun time watching the lines, checking out the clothes (and models) and enjoying the show.

Rocking my Paker Racerback Dress, Joie Rumor Jacket and Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges.

It was fun having our name on seats, I only hope I can attend more fashion shows in the future!
I was excited for the Nanette part
(you know I was thinking of Chloe during this segment and how she could have worked some poses in the Nanette's dresses) .
I loved the pieces in Karen Lum's collection.
I forget who's dress this was but I loved it, too bad picture came out.
Another dress I liked but hard to see in the video.

Congratulations to the Charity Fashion Show team for putting on a great show and YAY for the fabulous event sponsors like ShopItToMe that helped make the event possible!
For more pictures from the show check out the FCubed blog.


  1. Love this outfit girl! Also love the blog :)

  2. Gorgeously chic outfit. Perfect for a fashion show!

  3. i love the outfit too - and fashion shows are always fun.

  4. hi! i'm karen lum, the head of CFS informed me your blog talked about my collection from last night. thanks, i'm glad you liked it! you can check out that dress on my blog here:

  5. Fashion shows are just the coolest atmosphere ever. Too bad I don't live in a place where they actually occur. :(

  6. Oh wow! How did you get invited to that?
    I want to go too!

  7. the dress is gorgeous on you! love that you paired it with those wedges.

  8. So fun that you got to attend such a great show! Your outfit is super cute and pefect for the event!