Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Style Icon: I'm So Rope, They Call Me Mr. Roper

I may have grown up in the 80's and 90's, but I grew watching up 60's and 70's Tv shows and Movies.In fact the first few years when Casey and I dated, he insisted I catch up on some "can't miss" 80's and 90's moviesr that I had gone too long without ever watching. I was stuck in the black and white and hooked on bell bottoms, courtesy of Nick at Night.
Three's Company was just one of my favorite nick at Night shows. I mean could you ask for better style icons then Janet Wood, Jack Tripper, Chrissy Snow, and Mrs. Rope? I could do a style icon post for each one of the, but for now we will focus on their dynamic as a whole. They were San Diego cool in the 70's and oh, how I loved them. Even if half of Jack jokes went over my head as a kid. The style on the show was just amazing. From Chrissy's knee high socks, to Janet's high waisted pants, their style definitely influenced what I thought was cool. I may just have to bust out a Mumu à la Mrs. Roper.
Take a step that is new...
We will always miss you John Ritter!

Yay for high waisted shorts, pigtails, and stingy landlords.
Special shout out to Chelsea and her zoo trip for inspiring this post.xoxo


  1. Mrs. Roper is the bomb. Bust out that mumu, girlie!

  2. Oh my goodness. Is everyone on the same page or what? Check out my post from yesterday? Weird.
    I need to go to your friends to see your inspiration.

  3. I freaking loved Three's Company!
    And Magnum PI, and Hawaii 5-0, and the A-Team...aww-the memories!

  4. Hands down my absolute favorite sitcom to watch in the 80's! Loved this show! Thanks for the memories Amber!

  5. I LOVED this show! Krissy was my favorite. This post really takes me back. Thank you! I can't wait to chat about this show with my brother tonight.


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  7. I watched that show every day before dinner growing up - how inappropriate! Love it....

  8. This show is THE BEST. I've been humming the theme song since Saturday and I'm A-OK with that!