Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thing I love: BoJangels

FACT: My wrist doesn't seem the same unless it's adorned with bangles.
I like my wrist jangling and my fingers flashing. It's kind of how I roll. And recently I was sent some new arm candy and I'm pretty much obsessed! The Lovely Ladies of Alex and Ani hooked me up with some treasures from their bangle bar. And I got conchy with it. I LOVE how Alex and Ani's jewelry "promote consciousness and unity". They're kind of rad, just sayin. Check them out, their badical bangles the perfect thing to spoil yourself with or to give a hella cool friend.
I'lll take like 10 more if I'm your hella cool friend ;)
Rosa from Rosa Loves, is pretty rad as well! She made the purple and blue bracelets I am wearing, and sent them to me.
HAVE I told you the Amber LOVEs Rosa?

I'm jangling all ovaaaa town!
Thanks again Alex, Ani and Rosa!!


  1. I love bangles but my wrists are so tiny that they slide right off :( Can you recommend some places that I can shop for some smaller sized bracelets?

  2. Steph! I have the smallest wrists too! All the ones I am wearing work for me, I find when I layer them I have less of a problem.

  3. One of the girls in my office wears Alex and Ani all the time! AND she got to interview the CEO a little while ago! Such an awesome shop :)

  4. I'll definitely have to check them out then! :)

  5. Hey, guys! Alex and Ani Bangles are adjustable so they fit almost EVERYONE!!! I have extremely small wrists too, and I have an armfull :)

  6. Love Alex & Ani bangles! I've had a stack of them for quite a while now and I always have the urge to purchase more!



  7. Oooooo! I love these! Alex and Ani is amazing! And I love the bracelets that Rosa made! You are a lucky girl :)

  8. Rad bangles! Love Alex & Ani!

  9. Love how these have a great collected look. The metal is pretty with the charms. Love the first photo with all of your bracelets, great collection.

  10. Love you new Alex & Ani bangles!

  11. I super Puffy Heart Alex & Ani!! My fiance's sister purchased all the girls in the family each a bracelet this past Christmas that suited our personality and I can't stop wearing it. I want more to layer they rock! Yours is so pretty! Thank you for sharing!