Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Things I Love: Holy Childhood Dreams

It was 1995 and I was 13. Pretty much the start of my boy crazy years, and it was also right around the time when my TV didn't budge from MTV. And there he was every afternoon announcing videos like Waterfalls, Scream, You Don't Know How it Feels, and Hootie's I Only Wanna Be With You. And I only wanted to be with him, my favorite VJ, Simon Rex. I thought he was hella fine and hella funny. Have you seen his episode of cribs!? Flash forward to 2007 and Simon Rex had transformed himself in the super foul, nasty as he wants to be, Dirt Nasty. And for some reason I found his totally raunchy, horribly degrading lyrics, and over the top partying songs hilarious. Perhaps because it seems like such a joke to me.
In any case after our recent LA trip where his buddy, Andre Legacy's song "Which Way to the Mondrian" served as our theme song, Vanessa and I decided we needed to get it out of our system and go see them live once and for all. And we had quite the time.
I wore my Unif Flag shirt, you know I like to festive for things, plus I thought a little attention wouldn't hurt.
and it worked...Childhood dreams resurrected.
A little Andre Legacy love in honor of our LA trip.
Also this week I was lunching at the same spot as Tim Lincecum, you know the SF Giants 2 time Cy Young winning picture? Well I garnered up enough up enough courage to introduce myself and thank him for all that he's done for the Giants. I even asked for a picture which resulted in an epic fail...his friend face-timed his own face....
That's Timmy and I behind the camera in his glasses. Bumski!
It's Mr. Rex's birthday today so here's to wishing him a Palatial Regalia birthday!


  1. Wow Simon Rex has ummmmmmm not aged well.

  2. Since we are the same age I am so with you!! I lovity loved Simon too. Remember him on Felicity?? I still think he is hot. Haven't heard his dirty nasty songs but I will prob laugh/like them too! FUN times!

  3. I remember watching him on Jack & Jill. So that is what he has been up to these days.


  4. Ha! I loved Simon Rex too, the name Dirty Nasty is all too appropriate for what he has become. Love all these celebs photos!

  5. This cracked me up because I definitely didn't know that Dirt Nasty was an mtv vj.