Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog Events: Eve of Hope

A couple weeks ago I was honored, and blown away that I was invited to attend the National Breast Cancer Foundation's Eve of Hope hosted by Whitney Port {from The Hills} at Chandon in Napa. It was an amazing event to say the least.
I wasn't sure what to expect but when the PR company offered to chauffeur us out to the winery I knew it was going to be a BIG deal. Not going to lie -- I was NERVOUS!! So I was more then excited when Gigi from Gigi Ouf the Blog (who I just recently hung out with at the Rip Curl Pro Event) contacted me and told me she would be attending as well and wanted to meet prior to being shuttled out to Napa.
Gigi and I had met at a blog event before and had been Twitter and blog friends but we never really had a chance to connect. When I met her at Bart (after I RAN to catch the train) we hit it off right away. There's so much to love about Gigi, she's sweet, gracious and likes to have fun as much as I do.
When we arrived at the Ferry Building where the shuttle was picking us up, Gigi and I decided we deserved a much needed glass of Sauvignon Blanc, thinking we were late we downed it in about 2.5 seconds. Come to find out, we were some of the first to arrive, so our next mission was to find a road soda (aka drinks for the ride). I think that's exactly when Gigi and I knew we were on the same page and were bound to have fun together.
Friends that have fun together, stay together and Gigi & I are FUN!
We each sipped on a Copa De Vino (thanks HIPLIP!!) on our cruise to Napa, it was perfect!
Once we arrived everything was AMAZING. There was a Red Carpet, a runway for the Whitney Eve fashion show, tables with appetizers paired with bubbles and a dance floor that you just KNOW I was eyeing.
You don't even know how amazing this caviar was!! The Head chef Perry Hoffman told Gigi and me that can of the Pointed Snout Caviar Avance´ cost $2,300. INSANE!!
And when Anne Sage spotted me across from the parking, when I was hobbling around barefoot with my Louboutin's in my hand (they're NOT walking shoes) it was certain the night was going to be a good one.
Coincidently, my dress was a Robert Rodriquez dress I purchased a few years ago after seeing Lauren Conrad rock it.
Attending the event was extra special for me because, I'm sure like many of you, know someone who is, or who has, suffered from Breast Cancer. My friend Courtney's mother, Debbie, is currently in her chemo process and I can see how hard it is for not only her, but her entire family. Breast Cancer is something that can happen to any of us ladies, think how truly shocking the Giuliana Rancic news was.
My thoughts go out to anyone who lost someone to this disease or anyone who has suffered through it or knows someone who has
And don't forget to make sure to check, examine and keep up with doctor appointments. It's SO important.
The Runway show was very fun, all the Whitney Eve dresses were adorable.The last model who walked was a forty something year old breast cancer survivor and she KILLED it.
I love seeing things like that, I was too busy cheering her on to get a picture.
It was an amazing night and I met some amazing people. It was the kind of event I used to dream about going to.
Oh yeah, and I met Whitney Port. Her whole family was in attended and I actually REALLY enjoyed her sister (also pictured) Whitney, on the other hand, wasn't all that interested in meeting me. LOL.
I'm so thankful for the events I am invited to and for the fabulous people I there. I'm sure many more fun & silly times with Anne & Gigi will go down in the future and I couldn't be more grateful to call them friends.
I almost forgot, the three of us blog ladies made it in this past Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle style section I am still trying to get my hands on a copy. If anyone has one that I get that would be AMAZING!! Thank you!


  1. Omg! how amazing, the drinks, the treats and Whitney, love love it! Loving Gig's nails!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. What an amazing event to get invited to Amber!! And how cool you got to meet Whitney!


  3. i was going to say if you went to an event hosted by whitney then you would have at least a photo with you and you did! how was the cup of vino?? i have heard about that but not too sure about that and if it is worht trying

  4. I love Whiteny, but hate how expensive her clothing line is!

  5. *Whitney. Duh!

    PS, I love Gigi's nails, could you ID her polish? I just started following her blog too!

  6. How fun! I swear girl, we keep missing each other! I was just as Chandon on Friday! Love the space and the product! Agree with Suzy, the polish is fabu!

  7. Sounds like it was so much fun! And what better than having fun for a great cause too...

  8. you're so lucky you got to meet Whitney!! Was she really nice?? hope you had lots of fun, i love the color of your dress as well!

  9. So fun Amber! You look amazing and I am so happy for you that you were invited to such a wonderful event.

  10. Hannah she seemed annoyed that people wanted to meet and take pictures with her. Alittle strange...

    lAdies peep Gigi's blog for her nail info:

  11. Such a fun night! Hoping I get to see you tomorrow night! XX

  12. What a lovely honor! You are so deserving Amber and it looks like a truly fun-filled evening! Woo Hoo on making the San Francisco Chronicle to! Go you and the other lovely ladies!!!

    Liesl :)

  13. I saw you in the San Francisco Magazine!!! It was crazyyy, I was like wait a minute... I met this girl at the santa cruz beach boardwalk and follow her blog. Congrats!