Friday, November 11, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile: Fairytale Days

Last Thursday was another one of those days I had to pinch myself to remind myself this really is my life. When I was invited to attend a brunch at Neiman Marcus with Joseph Altuzarra you know I was more then excited. Brunch at Neiman Marcus with a French fashion designer?! Sign me up! Once my excitement settled I was left with the question: What does one wear to such an event?
I've got my night event outfits down, but an 11:00 brunch on a Thursday? With a FASHION DESIGNER? And he's French, none-the-less. I discussed my outfit ideas with my friend Vanessa and her mother. Perhaps wool skirt (it is fall), or a blazer (conservative). Nothing too short that was for sure.
When I came back to my closet, I came across a never before worn Philip Lim 3.0 dress purchased several years back (again after seeing Lauren Conrad wear it). I had always planned on hemming because it was a bit longer then I would typically wear. Turns out it was the perfect dress and length for such and event.
As I walked to the event I was texting my friend Vanessa about how nervous I was and how over dressed I felt. A cream dress, Louboutin's and lipstick at 11am? So not my jam. But when I arrived at the event and saw the table settings, camera crew and oh yeah the head-to-toe chic Anh, my nerves calmed.
Oh that is until I ate the butter, thinking it was yogurt. Yeah, I did that. I also live tweeted Joseph's name as Jonathan. What did I tell you about mistakes?
You forget about them when you are in the presence of greatness, and how amazing is this table setting?
The food was excellent. Especially if you like butter, kidding!
The quiche was fantastic, as well as the salad and brioche.
And you know I had a little bubbly.
What's my name? Amber Lane (and I like Champagne!!).
Anh and I were seated rather close to Joseph, he was so charming and Katie aka MrsZambrano (seated to Joseph's left) did an excellent job interviewing him! And his Grandma (seated to his right) was a hoot!
MrsZambrano commented that Klassy & I are "equally hyper", I'm going to go with silly. We have a BLAST together. And who does't like to hangout with someone who introduces you as blog superstar?! Gotta thank my manager ahem, I mean Klassy, for that tag-line.
During the brunch we viewed Joseph's fall & resort lines. Both of which we inspired by the 90's. (LOVE). The fall collection was included lots argyle (yup, I wore that in the 90's) and deconstructed parka's. The collection was inspired by Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. The whole line was like tying a flannel around your waist without having to do that, that was the vibe of the line.
While the resort was centered around eyelet fabric (think Alicia & Liv driving by lake and frolicking with a country boy, oh yeah).
After we all got to meet Joseph. So fun!!
Kristen and Joseph.
Oh and hang with his Gma!!
After the magical brunch I went to change (in parking lot restroom none-the-less) and headed to do some shopping. The fairy tale was over, but the day wasn't.
I still had to more events to go to and one more designer to meet! I went to Carrots to celebrate their 4th anniversary party hosted byTaylor, Caitlin and Erin. Love those ladies.
My Loubs were killing me by then and Kim, Elisabeth and Gigi witnessed me walk (hobble!) barefoot to my car to relieve my feet from their Louboutin prison.
We then hit the new Steven Alan store where we got to meet the man himself. Super approachable and happy to be in San Francisco.
With Heather, Tara, Mr. Alan and Kristal. LOVE those ladies.
and with Meghan, Katie, Mira, and Joanna.
Screen shot 2011-11-15 at 8.47.51 AM
Such an amazing day. I can't tell you all how grateful I am for all the opportunities that have come my way!!


  1. I absolutely love the picture of all the girls at the bottom!! Can you say, ALPHA FEMALE??!!!! Love this blog!!!
    xoxo augusta

  2. Aw, what a great experience! And how cute is Joseph's gramma? Too cute, too cute.

    Don't even get me started on the dumb things I've done when dining somewhere "fancy"- it's my belief that everyone does those sorts of things and they just hope that no one notices. At least, erm, thatswhatIdoshhhhhhh.

  3. What a fun event! You look awesome, totally perfect for a fancy brunch. I would have been a nervous wreck trying to find something to wear!

  4. Wow sounds like an absolutely stunning day!!! And I laughed about the Lauren Conrad part since I am a huge fan of her style too!! You looked great! And I'm jealous!!! :)

  5. This looks like such a fun time and what a cool event! You look beautiful, as following you on your adventures!

    Liesl :)

  6. I love the ''toilet change'' outfit. And you look so pretty in that last picture.

  7. Ps, what lipstick are you wearing in the close up shot with your glasses on?

  8. Suzy It's revlon...I'll get you the color name/number...