Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Look of the Day: Lady GAW GAW

If you know anything about me, you know I love old classic movies and classic movie stars. There's something about movie stars like Vivian Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn {among others} that intrigues me to pieces. I can never read enough about them. I just love hearing about their romances (divorces?!) , their roads to fame and discovering who they were off screen and behind closed doors. It's as if the more I learn about my icons the closer I feel to them. So naturally I was more then excited to see My Week With Marilyn.
My friend Vanessa and I decided to make a GAW aka Grown Ass Woman (something I was recently called) night of it and go out for dinner and a movie. Well me, being me, I couldn't help but try to attempt my best Marilyn inspired look for the occasion. It was a lipstick, curler and lingerie (who cares if no one is going to see them, you'll feel like a lady!) kind of night for sure. Oh and extra mascara, eyeliner and heels, just like Marilyn.
Just like Marilyn.
When Marilyn wasn't wriggling around in tight dresses or posing for the camera she always wore something classic, ladylike and, well, slightly conservative. My Rag & Bone button up blouse seemed to fit the bill. Although my curls fell, there was something about the dramatic side part and flouncy blonde waves that made me feel, well, like a GAW.
The lipstick might have helped too.
Steve Madden Booties
This 6 year old jacket seemed perfectly GAW.
and may I recommend my fave brand Wacoal/B Tempted for lingerie (and if you've never been fitted for a bra I HIGHLY recommend it).
And if Santa is reading this, I'll take anything out of the Nordstrom December Lingerie catalog.IMG_2148
There's something to be said for the old Glamourous Hollywood Movie Stars and their elegant, graceful and ladylike ways. I don't see that enough in Hollywood these days. Michelle Williams, however, does have that grace; and I thought she did an excellent job as Marilyn, particularly in the scenes when Marilyn was herself, away from the camera. I definitely recommend checking My Week With Marilyn out.
Some of the things I took away from the movie:
Positive energy is so incredibly powerful AND it's infectious.
Believing in people and looking for the good in them can help you see the good in yourself.
We should all have a cheerleader {or a whole squad of them} and you should never stop cheering other people on, it'll make you feel good as well as them.
Movie Stars & famous people are just like you & me and we all have insecurities.
Glamour & Grace never go out of style.


  1. I just LOVE that you call lit a Grown Ass Woman night out...you are too cute and fun for words! :) Love that you pulled out your inner Marilyn too...you look beautiful! I still want to see that movie, and mostly to see Michelle Williams in the role, so, glad you enjoyed it! You are so right, Glamour & Grace never go out of style and I'm so glad for that!

    Liesl :)

  2. You are too cute Amber! I love your outfit and hair!!! ^ year old coats are awesome, I have the same one :)



  3. You look gorgeous, and I seriously love your eyemake up - what did you use?

  4. i can't wait to see the marilyn film - they have the costumes at the arclight!

  5. Love this post! I need to unleash my inner Marilyn more often, sometimes I forget to get a little glamorous and that makes me sad. Even putting a little lipstick adds a little bit of glamour and that's all I need to feel pretty during my day.

  6. I want to see that movie, I wish I could have been there with you and V! I love, LOVE your pictures, the last one is by far my favorite. Very Marilyn of you ;) Miss you, come visit me I'm just slightly south of your fav vacation spot!

  7. I cant wait to see the movie! And you look adorable!

  8. this outfit is stunning. you look beyond beautiful. i just want to say thank you for always having amazing post. Your blog always makes my night. xo

  9. I love this look- so classic, elegant, and sophisticated!

  10. There's always room for glamour in our lives!

  11. Very cute!


  12. Missing you in blogland and just wanted to send some extra smiles your way!

    Liesl :)

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