Thursday, June 28, 2012

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i'm a romantic at heart.
i want to believe in love.
i want to LOVE and to be loved.
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isn't that what everyone wants?
i mean i grew watching Disney movies always beliving my Prince Charming would come rescue me and sweep me off my feet.
plus i played barbies, pretty sure they got married everyday in my world.
when you give Amber a Wedding Barbie Doll she going to want to get married...
no wonder i ended a bride.
but romance is about more then marriage and playing pretend; it's about a real connection between two people.
and i'm still on a hunt for that.
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this week the world lost Nora Ephron, a legend here in this town I live in now.
and one of the ultimate artist in depicting romance and how the relationships of two people is created, formed and evolves.
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plus she had an affinity for upcoming things and a deep respect for the ever-evolving internet (a focus of several of her movies).
and clearly the Internet place that i for one hold close to my heart.
Nora Ephron saw how the power of the internet could lead you to not only the love of your life, but  to the destiny of your life.
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interesting I feel the same....
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Nora Ephron, you shall be missed but your stories, lessons and movies will live on.
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wow maybe LOVE can be eternal!
all i know is that LOVE will never go out of style,
now HATE you're a little too passé for me.


  1. So so sad that we've lost an incredible woman this week. Her movies and it's sentiments are truly timeless and universal!

    xx Vivian @

    1. I agree I laws like to reflect on incredible women (HUMANS) and what they brought to us when they were here.