Monday, October 24, 2011

Things That Make me Smile: Dance Your Cares Away

In my eyes positive energy makes the world go round. Sure I've wasted plenty of time being negative, mad, angry and frustrated; but recently I've realized how positive energy can be much more powerful and makes me feel SO much better. Smiling, laughing, and reflecting (oh and being silly) all make me feel a heck of lot better then complaining, being mean, and getting pissed off.
And you know what? I like to feel good, so I've figured out how to accept that things aren't always going to go my way, I will disagree with people, and sometimes you're dealt a hand that isn't quite my thing or maybe that just plain sucks (having my phone & computer break last week AND having my car broken into and my bike stolen did in fact SUCK). But when those types of things happen, I check myself and remind myself that I can only control my own emotions and how I react to situations. And keeping my head up (things are gonna get easier -- Word up Tupac) is usually my best option.
And no matter the situation, I feel better when I find a lesson learned, or something to take away from the situation. I may cry a few tears but I don't let it drag me down. Instead I turn on my music and dance my cares away (worries for another day...) and then like Nicki Minaj I'm flying higher, higher, higher...
Picture 23

That said I couldn't be more excited to spread some positive energy around with one of my favorite brands... J BRAND!! First of all I am a LOYAL J Brand girl and I can't get enough of their jeans. Oh and I have I mentioned their jeans are made in the good old California, U S OF A? You know that gets me going!!
I am more then excited to announce I have been asked to help spread the word about their collaboration with City Year. J Brand will be selling exclusive colors for Women and Girls and 100% of the net proceeds will be donated to City Year to help prevent high school students from dropping out. J Brand's collaboration with City Year's is aiming to sell 1000 pairs of these jeans; so if you're inclined to purchase some new fall jeans think about making a difference and purchasing some of JBrand's exclusive City Year colors.
You know you'll be seeing me rock them on the blog shortly.

About the Collaboration -- lots of positive energy talk!!
The exclusive jeans and tips on how to style them, I can't wait to rock these!
Do your part to represent and define your generation (in a positive way, duh).
Don't ever let anynoe box you in. Nicki Minaj sure as heck is out of the box -- and I love it.
Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 9.37.06 AM
Happy Monday all -- I hope you kick your week off with a smile!!
And if you need a smile on Tuesday (and want to win $50 to shop with) join me at my Posh Party!!


  1. I love Nicki Minaj and that song :) I always love your positive outlook on life, reading this post made me smile! and I agree nothing beats dancing around like a crazy person as though no one is watching to make you feel better, it always works wonders for me


  2. Love your attitude. And J Brand! Their jeans are the best. It's slowly taking over my wardrobe.

  3. What a great post :) Love it and love what J Brand is doing! Such a great idea! XO