Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile: Down to Ride Till the Very End

Here are a few things that are making me smile today:
I'm super excited about the Leopard + Lace Poshmark Party that I am co-hosting tonight.
Screen shot 2011-10-25 at 12.31.12 PM
I am stoked for my Halloween costume, fingers crossed it all comes together in time...
Just a little hint... (more hints on my Facebook Wall).
Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 11.12.47 PM
And since I love having costume changes and rocking more then one costume, last night's movie sparked a new costume idea and um well, obsession.
After watching Bonnie & Clyde I am currently on a last-minute search for a handsome fellow to be my Clyde, because I'm almost certain I was made to be Bonnie.
They were bad asshes who took the wrong route, but they knew were more then their small towns boxed them in to be.
Screen shot 2011-10-25 at 3.02.31 AM
Lastly I have some of the BEST blog friends, loyal readers and cheerleaders.
This morning I received an email that brought me to TEARS:


I just want to let you know that when I checked your blog post from yesterday it really struck a chord with what's going on in my life right now..My sister's best friend was just diagnosed with breast cancer.. for the 2nd time..and we keep talking about positive thinking ..and health is the one thing I think is really easy to take for granted and get caught up in the everyday details of life..but then all of that seems like nothing when your health is compromised..anyways..i shared your blog posting about J brand and thinking positive and life is all about how you react to the situation, etc.. with my sister, my cousin and her best friend through facebook messaging..My sister in fact lives up in San Francisco and I told her she should start reading your blog b/c I'm sure she would recognize some of the places you do your posts at.. (I live in San Diego)..

Anyways..just wanted to let you know that you made a positive difference in my day/week- (I read your blog daily) and keep doing what you are doing! :) Hope you have a great week!


p.s. next time I'm in San Fran and if you are free I'd love to meet up for coffee or something :) Not sure when that would be though!

I can't imagine a bigger compliment then to receive such kind words from someone I've never met, and I also can't imagine being diagnosed with breast cancer not just once, but twice.
That's a hand no one should be dealt and my thoughts go out to Katie & her sister, as well as her sister's friend and family.
Honestly, my thoughts are also with ANYONE who has been dealt a hand no one wishes for. Being positive and keeping yourself happy isn't easy, especially when you've got reason to be anything but.
I am more then touched that my words could brighten up someone's day and I'm BLESSED to have Katie's words brighten my day!!!
See the power of positive energy? It makes people HAPPY!! It makes YOU happy.
Why would you ever waste your time being negative? Well, I know I'm one HAPPY FREAK!
{freaking happy at the san francisco blue grass festival}


  1. I will definitely be participating in your party tonight. So excited for you. Plus, I can't wait to see what you will be going as for Halloween.




  2. Hi Amber, this letter from Katie resonates with me...because Katie is my best friend :) She is a great person, and she has been affected by health problems a lot in her life. She is thankfully a really healthy person, but she has had to deal with the poor health of family members and people she is close with. Thanks for making her day!

  3. omg NOW WAY?! You ladies are are al making my day Find me on Facebook I just friended Katie!! You ladies make me smile every freaking day!!! Gosh I am so happy to have you all in life!!

  4. Beautiful post Amber!! You touch more people's lives than you realize!! Love your positivity!!

    xo Carlina

  5. You are amazing girl! Your blog was one of the first blogs I found and I love it so so much. I was having a hard time when I first started reading your blog and seeing your posts appeared on my reader always put a smile in my face! Keep up the good work... XO

  6. I <3 your blog and I miss you!! First- you would make a great Bonnie, that is a costume I have always wanted to do! Second- what a great letter, I think it is a sign you need to come visit San Diego- I happen to know someone with an extra bedroom that has your name all over it ;) XOXO

  7. Bonnie and Clyde would have been awesome. I'm still on the fence about the NEW Bonnie and Clyde staring Hilary Duff. It's being produced/directed and filmed by a local film company here where I live in Alabama - needless to say it's been talked about for months, I designed the promo poster for it but it seems like things have been stalling. We shall see. Nothing will truly top the original though IMO.