Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things That Make Me Smile: Moves like Jagger

So I'm almost back in business, and gosh it's about time to catch up! I missed you ladies!! Since I last left you: I've been computer-less for about 2 weeks, I broke my iPhone, and had my car broken into. But hey, that was all the bad stuff, and let me tell you TONS of good stuff has happened to me as well. For instance, last week I was invited to attend the National Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Party at Domaine Chandon hosted by Whitney Port. To get my blog ball rolling, I'm going to start by sharing some event pictures (taken by Drew Altizer) from the fabulous event. Expect a recap post soon of all my adventures, and a super cool giveaway to be posted ASAP! I missed you all, and I'm more then happy to be back!

Anne Sage of Rue Magazine and City Sage (in Marc Jacobs)
These ladies are GOOD times!
Picture 6
You know I like a good dance party!!
Picture 13
Anne's got the moves like jagger!
Side-note: My silly sister thought the words to that song were "I've got the moves like a dragon" and proceeded to dance like a dragon. Use your imagination -- she's a FREAK!
Picture 10
It's nice to be back! I hope you are all doing well!!


  1. So glad to have you back...we missed YOU too!!! So sorry about all your recent troubles, but I love how you look on the bright side of things! Looking beautiful, as always, and Woo Hoo for getting to go to the Pink Party!

    Liesl :)

  2. Welcome back!!!

    Looks like a fun event and lots of good happening in Amber-land. (Despite the apple mishaps and car)

  3. I just told the story about the Jagger/Dragon interpretation to my students, they thought that it was pretty funny!

  4. Such fun pictures! I love that song, one second and I'm dancing in automatic, so sorry to learn that happened to you, but so so happy that lots of great stuff is happening!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Nice to have you back!! As long as I dont see photos of you dancing like Elaine and her "little kicks", we're good! =) You look great! Really want some Loubies of my own! xoxo Suzanne

  6. OMG, that last picture is ADORABLE! You look gorgeous (as usual) and I am dying over Anne's dress!

  7. Amber, I've missed your blog pots so much! Time to get back in business so I can read your wonderful posts after work!! Sorry to hear about the bad stuff but judging from your Fb and twitter you've had plenty more exciting times!



  8. Man, I'm so jealous. You girls looked amazing and so cute! Imagining your sister now is cracking me up!! see u soon, lady! miss ya!

  9. I've missed your posts lady! Glad to see your back and looking gorgeous as ever!

  10. Glad to see *you're* back! Lol freakin autocorrect (all right I may have mispelled it)

  11. that looks like an awesome time! glad you're back and can't wait to see you soon!! xxx

  12. It looked like you had a great time!!! I think I remember meeting you for a brief moment during Fashion Night Out in SF a while ago. I stumbled upon a piece of paper that I wrote that said to check out Ambers Notebook blog. I'm still new to blogging and I would appreciate any advice you would have for me :]