Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour.

Photo credit: Smithsonian / AP

This Saturday at 8:30 (in whatever time zone you are in) is Earth hour. Land marks around the world with turn off their lights for one hour. Around here, the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate will turn off their decorative lights. As well, many buildings and businesses in the city turn off their lights for an hour, sometimes for the whole night. Restaurants last year had fun holding romantic candle lit dinners all over the city, by only having lights on in the kitchen for the night. Surrounding cities participate in their own way as well. Turning off you lights off symbolizes your dedication to reducing carbon emissions and casts your "vote" for earth. The organizers behind Earth Hour have a goal of reaching 1 billion votes (people participating by turning off lights). Is your area participating?

We participated in this last year by turning off our lights and electronics for the night. We lit candles and played board games (Okay fine) I'm sure had my lap top on but not plugged in!

So vote Earth and turn off your lights (ok Nelly Furtado stuck in my head now) this Saturday night for an hour or more....... Happy Friday!

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