Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nibbles for the day

I am more of a nibbler then a big meal eater. I nibbled my breakfast (blueberries, other half of my orange) as I threw my lunch for the day together. Today I will be nibbling on my orange, yum! Not as red as yesterday. Some cashews, an apple, I will be trying out a free sample of Quakers Mini delights and a naan spinach pizza. I forgot tomatos at the store..grrr. So I had hard time coming up with something to make for lunch, apprantly my lunches revovle around tomatoes. Out of this frustration came my naan pizza idea. I get my naan from a little Afghan market they make faboulous fresh naan and pitas. Seemed like a good pizza crust base for me.

Last minute I decided on a tea. I didn' need it but I felt like something warm. It is also another free sample. Today's flavor is Himilayan Apple Spice. It smells devine. And I just love the fortune cookie like tag.

Have a fun day nibbiling =)