Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's make a Meal

Sundays are errands day. We always hit up the grocery store, usually Trader Joes. In my continuous effort to reduce my impact I have been meal planning, i use everything I buy and never throw away bad food when I meal plan. Meal planning has also reduced the amount I spend on groceries(which I track via it is fun to see that part of my pie chart smaller.

I plan our meals on Sundays for the week by looking at what I have on hand, what will go bad, and what our schedule for that week looks like. I also try to do my big shopping trip the first week of the month and then the weeks after are usually smaller. This weeks was pretty much a use up and leftover menu.

As I have mentioned before being a blackberry addict, I write my grocerey lists on my phone. It saves paper and I never forgot my list at home =).
And because she is a cutie...


  1. I love meal planning! It's the only way to live. :P Love the picture of the kitty!

  2. I do all my lists on my blackberry, too! What's a SNOBBY Joe?

  3. I also use my crackberry for my lists! Works like a charm!
    Love the blog, btw!

  4. Lindsey it's a sloppy joe made from lentils!
    Thanks girls!

  5. Ok I do the same thing! The meal planning (for the same reasons), the (gotta love those graphs!), the Blackberry list. Wow! Are we twins?