Thursday, July 19, 2012

Things I Love: Fun Frocks

Like most ladies I love myself a fabulous party dress. I'm somewhat of an avid dress collector. There goes Barbie influencing me again, I mean, she pretty much exclusively dresses, so of course I would grow up beliving that dresses are what what Pretty Women wore.
My collection is currently pushing 150 dresses, so naturally Debbie Reynolds' collection of famous Hollywood frocks is the envy of my eye. Debbie Reynolds was a smart lady, she knew how special a dress can be. Dresses can hold meaning just like a song can change your mood, you can put one on and feel like a whole new women.
Since I haven't purchased a new dress in awhile this morning I went 'window shopping' to see what is out there and to inspire my own dress designs. Because to me there's nothing more fun to wear then a Party Dress!!
I just adore the sweet angelic details of this Alice & Olivia number.
click pictures for details 
Alice & Olivia has long been my go to for the perfectly detailed & girly Party Dress. The ones I have from years ago still warrant compliments now. I could see myself having a blast dancing away in this dress.
The subtle sexiness to this Opening Ceremony is my kind of thing. I'm not a big flaunter but I guarantee I'd turn heads in this number - I'd LOVE to add this to my collection.
Fun angles and unique cuts are something I find essential to make a LBD stand out.
and STANDING OUT is something I rather enjoy.
Now this dress seems to match my new age of Thirty perfectly. It's a total #GAW dress that I could totally see myself glamorously rocking it OUT here in Hollywood.
Oh suburban life, I do not miss you.

But my newest dress obsession is Three Floor. I cannot wait to add one of their dresses to my collection. Those British lines seem to really get bloggers and what we are loving these days. I'm kinda obsessed with them. Too cute!
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And put on your favorite dress today, even if it just to spin around in the mirror. Everyone loves a dress that twirls


  1. These dresses are all so much fun! I need more parties to go to so i can play dress up more!!


  2. So cute <3 I'm obsessed with dresses and these ones are absolutely amazing! Love this post

    Alexa <3

  3. Awesome picks! I love the maxi in particular, and thanks for tuning me in to some fantastic new brands!

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