Friday, July 20, 2012

Look Of The Day: You're SUCH a Poser

Look of The Day posts used to be my jam. When my life felt like it wasn't the one i wanted
i always had my blog, i used to love bloggin about my outfits everyday.
And actually, it made me feel better about my life.
I was able to be creative with my outfits, my poses, my pictures (all self taken with a timer on my camera).
I also loved picking the best pictures (AKA getting my Anna Wintour on), editing them and writing an attempted clever post about it.
Blog titles, now those were the peanut butter to my jam.
or jelly...
Sure, i'll be the first to admit posting pictures (yet alone, TAKING pictures) of one's self is pretty egotistical & narcissistic.
But I loved it.
During that time of my life, blogging was one of the ONLY times I felt creative. Since then, outfit pictures have taken a back-burner to me because, first of all, i was focused on changing my life in a #MAJOR way.
But self-centered Look Of The Day posts also took a back-burner because well I felt like blogging (IN GENERAL) was becoming a popularity contest and I've always hated the "popular" phenomenon.
We're all individuals & artists at our core; and if we just look as blogs and art (HEY there, instgram is ART, fool!) as just creative outlets, then there is no need to compare, compete or question.
It's just us, or in this case, just me practicing what i love.
Getting dressed.
Styling, taking & editing pictures.
all while attempting to look PRETTY!!
....and well WRITING.
SO here are my first outfit pictures in almost a year.
Can't believe I haven't busted out my camera since December!!
Welcome to the new LA Amber in her new Girly Room... expect more Look of The Day posts!!

Jessica Simpson wishes she felt this comfortable in her skin... just sayin...

More artistic narcissism to come! ;)


  1. You look adorable - keep posting these, miss seeing your 'street style'!

    1. THANK YOU!! My "street style" was NEVER street guess hat's why I got intimidated!! xoxo

  2. I always came to your blog for new ways to wear different things and to challenge myself to step outside my style comfort zone, so thank you for bringing these back!

    1. OMG thank you!!!! I will be BRANGIN it!!!

  3. you're gorgeous <3 I love these shots! Have a great weekend

    Alexa <3

    1. THANK YOU!! and you have great weekend too!!!

  4. lovely photos. i'm a new follower. maybe you want to check out my blog and maybe follow back :)