Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Things I Love: Watch The Throne

yesterday day i wrote a post about where i was a year ago and how I had grown. in the midst of writing it i went to link my divorce announcement post only to find that the post was gone.
it was deleted by someone who was in or connected to past,
a hater.
all i know is that people in my past life were upset that i was mentioning them....
In my eyes I don't mention people, I mention my life, my emotions and how my past affected me.
And I have the Freedom of Speech to express that.
in any case, the only thing i can do is not listen to what people say or how they control me ... all i can do is control myself and i have decided that a year has been long enough for me to close that chapter in my life and my old life no longer deserves a mention (unless I FEEL it necessary) on my blog.
I was married. FACT. I got divorced. FACT.
and I've taken that time and those lessons I learned and MOVED ON.
You can't hurt me now... Like Riff Raff I have castles around my heart.
But this princess is living it UP here in LA and I can't wait to share many more of my adventures down here with you!!

I got to spend the Fourth of july on the beach, in Malibu. 
Now that's something I've always wanted to do! Malibu Barbing the place UP? My kind of fun!!

They had a Taco Truck at the beach house, all I can say is that it as the best Fourth of July I've ver had.
good people, good times and a beach!!
and Speaking of Riff Raff & my new life here are a couple of the fun things I have been up to down here!!
I made cameo in one of Riff Raff's video's:

Cassandra & I also spoofed on of his videos:

still trying to get used to being on video...
here is me showing my room and how to clean my closet before I got furniture in it.
I need to make a new one now lol.

I have some of the best friends down here I could ask for. Everyone is motivated fun and the energy & creativity thrives down here. I LOVE it.
Looking forward to looking AHEAD. I've spent far too much energy looking back.
Jay z & Kanye said it best ... Middle Finger to my old Life... #WhoGonStopMe
Cuz I'm Definitely in my zone #WatchTheThrone

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  1. LOVE the video! You are so good on camera amber! :)

    1. Thank you lady!!! I'm trying to get more used to it!!! LOL