Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Things I Love: Chapter 30

i no longer get sad down here in LA. I have WAY too much to be HAPPY about.
and i no longer let my old life effect me, my well-being and my emotions down here, as well.
but things aren't quite where i want them ... YET!
i miss having best friends i can call whenever i need them & i miss having a person there for me at the drop of the hat whenever i need them ... and by that i mean my MOM.
i (also) always miss waking up to someone or having the sole attention of one person.
i however do not miss fighting and that was something i did A LOT in my old life.
one day i'll have that love, devotion, and ATTENTION again.
but until then i love having MoTiVaTeD friends who don't depend on each other on daily basis, and i also enjoy having my princess bed all to myself.
and each night i lie my pretty little head down on my Barbie & hot pink sheets i dream of the day that
i will be snuggling up next to someone new and will be able to reflect back on my time of solidarity, strength & umm celibacy and be proud!!
and i vow never to fight with anyone ever again and to be there for everyone i LOVE through sickness and health
... until death do us part.
picture courtesy of LordAsh Photography
Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 1.41.04 AM
Unif Clothing Flannel, Urban Outfitters bustier
i am happy to focused, supported and am ready for a {ANOTHER} new chapter soon!! Always work towards that next chapter whatever it may be! xoxo


  1. Amber, your positive attitude is always so inspirational. At the same time, thank you for keeping it real on your blog and not sugarcoating things. Just wanted to let you know you have many "anonymous" readers who you inspire daily. :)

    1. omg thank you jen!!! xoxo that means SO much!!! xoxo

  2. i really love all your posts <3 they always make me smile! you are so beautiful!