Friday, August 17, 2012

Things I Love: Through Rose Colored Glasses

A couple weeks ago I hosted a SEE EYEWEAR giveaway on my Twitter account. I asked my followers to tell my why they deserved the glasses. And, well, when my friend Cassandra Hein posted that she needed a new pair of glasses because she currently rolls in free sunnies that she got from a bat mitzah - I not only laughed out loud when i read her response but i was glad she called her self out!
I'd been staring at those $4 frames for months now, too nice to mention them.
Good thing Cassandra is a good sport, and if anyone can pull off $4 glasses she can. But she can also rock the heck out of SEE Eyeglasses.
Cassandra and I had a fabulous time at the See Eyeglass store at the Beverly Store, the staff was a amazing as well. They picked out glasses for each of us and after trying on several pairs we both went with the first pairs the staff picked out for us.
So much fun and I am happy NOT to see Cassandra rocking these anymore ;)
much better!!
celebrating the new glasses with some Coco Breve`
Thanks so much SEE Eyewear!! we had a blast picking out new glasses!!
Now I'm one pair closer to my goal of having a basket of glasses to grab from a'la Jackie Kennedy style.
Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. oh wow, those glasses look great! i'm definitely gonna have to check out see eyewear! :D

    <3, Mimi
    Win 3 kinds of truffles from The Madelaine Chocolate Company! :)

  2. love your top in the last picture <3 sunglasses are soo fun and a musthave for any season!

    alexa <3

  3. i love see eyewear!! The clear ones look great on you!

    x carlina

  4. Fun, stylish and awesome, just like you!!! :)

  5. Great mint top and the sunnies are super cute. Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea

  6. i love see eyewear - i haven't been back actually since i moved to LA 7 years ago b/c i still love the glasses i got there...