Friday, June 25, 2010

Day Two: This used to be a Fun House

Day two was pretty awesome as well. Wednesday was spent in Frankfurt adjusting to the time change and watching soccer while Thursday was spent in Aschaffenburg where we toured the Aschaffenburg castle, ate pretzels and drank some beer with some locals. Cyrus' brother lives in Frankfurt and spent 4 years living in Aschaffenburg so it was cool to have a guide. The castle was pretty cool but it was really sad that so much was destroyed during the wars and many of the things in the castle were replicas. It was gorgeous though. After spending the afternoon walking the streets and taking in the scene we ate a late lunch at the local brewery and then headed over the bridge to a festival. At the festival we enjoyed some beers in oversized stines, played some carnival games (including take a run through the fun house) and then we rode the ferris wheel where we able to get a fabulous view of the whole city. It was a pretty amazing day. We capped the day off by meeting some locals for a cola/beer drink. Kind of weird! We slept a ton last night and are well rested for our last full day in Germany. Today we are going to spend the day checking out What Frankfurt is like when the city isn't mesmerized by soccer. I still can't get over how crazy that was, it was so cool to see an entire city shut down to watch a sporting event. So far the trip has far exceeded my expectations. I miss you Mom!! Can't wait to share more adventures soon! 


  1. sounds like a great time Amber! Glad to hear you are having fun and feeling better.... Have fun in Frankfurt today :)

  2. Have Lots and Lots of FUN!!! Enjoy every minute!

  3. Miss you! Love you!
    sooo glad your everything is great for you guys